Seoul Day 7: Changdeokgung Palace

Our itinerary for day 7 is to visit Changdeokgung Palace. Changdeokgung was built as a secondary palace of the Joseon Dynasty. It was left in ruins after the Japanese invasion during 1592-1598. It was rebuilt in 1610 and served as the main palace for 270 years.

Cinnamon Sugar Pancake

On the way to the palace, we grabbed some street snacks. The above was Cinnamon Sugar Pancake.

Traditional Cake

A traditional cake that was sold in stalls in the subway station.


The Main Gate of Changdeokgung, Donhwamun. The raised stone terrace gives the gate an imposing dignity.


Donghwamun is a two story wooden pavilion with tall doors.


The above building is Injeongjeon which is the throne hall of Changdeokgung. This is where major state affairs, including the coronation of a new king and receiving foreign envoys took place.


I think the tablets in the photo above indicates the level of seniority of the officials when they assembled here for any ceremonies.


Huge water vessel for putting out fire as most of the buildings are built with wood; just like those in the Forbidden City in Beijing.


Inside Injeongjeon Hall, the throne hall of Changdeokgung.


A close up look at the royal throne.


Intricate roof design.


View of the modern city from palace.


Decorated corridor.


Seonjeongjeon, where the king handled routine state affairs.


This water vessel for fire fighting is clearly filled with water.


Roof decorated with stone figurines of animals.


A close-up view of the palace roof decor.


Furniture inside Daejojeon Hall, the queen’s residence at Changdeokgung.


A royal bed, the bed of the last queen of the Joseon Dynasty. The bed was restored in 2009.


Seongjeonggak was originally the crown prince’s study. It was used as a royal hospital during the Japanese occupation.


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