Seoul Day 8: Dalgalbi Lunch

We took the subway to Hyehwa station to look for a traditional restaurant which serves twenty banchans. Unfortunately, we could not find the restaurant.


So, we went to Daehangro (University Road) to look for a restaurant for lunch. This street is lined with restaurants with locals patronizing them. So, it must be good. Not so much a tourist trap place.

We spent some time exploring a Daiso here. Ben bought a couple of toe socks from Daiso.

We then settled with the above restaurant for lunch.


As usual, banchans were served.


We had the Dakgalbi with chicken and sliced pork. There were a lot of beansprouts lining the bottom.


The food was cooked at the table. The server handled the cooking.


Our meal only cost KRW11,000 (about CAD11). A healthy meal with lots of beansprouts.

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