Seoul Day 8: Supper

After stuffing ourselves with pastries from Paris Croissant, we had to skip dinner. But later that night, we felt a little hungry. So, we went to a neighborhood pub to grab a small bite.


Pickle daikon as a palate cleanser.


We had fried chicken for supper.


We had two types of fried chicken, regular and garlic flavour.


The fried chicken was crispy on the outside and moist inside. Good fried chicken.


The fries were good too. Ben had a draft beer since this is a pub. The meal came to KRW19,000 (about CAD19).

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  1. Mark

    Did you know how to speak Korean there especially when ordering food and traveling there? I was wondering how you would be able to get by there? Thanks.

    1. chowtimes

      Hi Mark, we do not speak Korean, if the restaurant server does not speak English, we will just point to the menu which mostly with photos.

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