Samyang’s Spicy Fried Chicken Ramen

Nanzaro had mentioned to me about a very spicy Korean instant noodle that he wanted to try. I found it in Smart & Save in Lansdowne Mall and bought a pack for him to try.


The price for a pack of 5 is CAD7.15.


The individual pack of noodle is almost twice the size of regular instant noodle. It weighs 140g.


The noodle pack contains a pack of chili sauce which is the star and some dehydrated vegetables.


I just tried a bite of it and the moment it hit my mouth, I can feel it’s spiciness and the spiciness lingered for a minute or two. It is very spicy. Even Nanzaro who must have chili with his meal most of the time said he can only savour this in small bites, one bite at a time.

For the brave soul who would like to try this, make sure you have a glass of cold milk standby.


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