Sight Seeing in Beijing – Temple of the Sun (Ritan)

On one of the weekend, Ben and I visited the Temple of the Sun (Ritan).  This is one of the four temples in Beijing, i.e. Temple of Heaven, Temple of Earth and Temple of Moon.


The Temple of Sun Park covers an area of 206,200 square meters. It is a public park with gardens and pond.


The gate to the park.


A traditional Chinese pavilion.


Pond is a common feature in a Chinese garden. Water adds tranquility to the surrounding.


Rocks and willow trees are also common in a  Chinese garden.


More rocks.


A small pavilion for resting among the trees.


Ceiling of a pavilion.


A pavilion on rocks.


A rock path.


The Sacrifice to the Sun God Mural in the Temple of Sun Park.

We did not get to see the altar as it was not open to the public when we were there. The altar was built in 1530 during the Ming Dynasty for the use in ritual sacrifice to the sun by the emperor of China.


We bought a roasted sweet potato for snacking in the park. Steaming hot and sweet.

3 thoughts on “Sight Seeing in Beijing – Temple of the Sun (Ritan)

  1. Hi Suanne, I thoroughly enjoy your trips to Beijing and thank you for sharing your traveling experience with us. I am late catching up your postings latterly since I just moved to DC. May I ask you where you got your coat as I need one badly in this region of US? Thank you for your response in advance. Please keep those random eats coming. You are so lucky to have those experience with Ben there.


    • Hi Connie,I bought the coat in Beijing and had only wore it in Beijing in the late fall subzero weather. Black Friday is coming up; I’m sure you can find a good deal in DC.

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