Paris Day 2: Sight Seeing

After visiting the Bastille Sunday Market, Ben brought me to see the Eifel Tower, a must visit tourist attraction in Paris.


Eifel Tower is an observation and radio broadcasting tower. It held the tallest record in the world from 1889 to 1930.


A close up view of the tower. At the time we were here, the line to go up the tower was very long. So, we did not go up the tower.


We went to look for the Statue of Liberty instead.


We came upon the above statue of the Renaissante France.


A viking cruise ship parked along the Seine River.


The Statue of Liberty is located at the end of Allee des Cygnes. The Statue of Liberty in Liberty Island Manhattan, New York City, New York is a gift from the French people to the American people in memory of the United States Declaration of Independence.

We then returned to the hotel to take an afternoon nap due to jet lag.


We came back to the Eifel Tower in the evening. This time, the line was not too long. We went up to Level 2 via the elevator. The lift tickets cost us EUR18. The above was a view from Level 2.


We decided to walk down to have a better experience of the steel structure.


The lighted Eifel Tower.


We find a spot to sit down at the Champ de Mars to wait for the light show.


There were a lot of people on the Champ de Mars. Some had picnics there. There were some people selling wine to the picnickers.


After the light show, we walked back to our hotel. We came upon above is the Ecole Militaire, located southeast of the Champ de Mars. It houses various military training facilities.


Just another view of the Eifel Tower among some pillars.

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  1. Alice

    How long does it take to walk from Champ de Mars to Montparnasse?

    1. chowtimes

      It’s about an hour. It’s does not feel long as we are exploring and everything looks new to us.

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