Bubble Waffle Cafe in Ironwood Plaza, Richmond

We were delighted to see Bubble Waffle Cafe opening a restaurant in Ironwood Plaza.


It is located next to the Browns Socialhouse on Steveston Hwy. We came here a week after it opens for business.


We arrived about 11:30am and got a table immediately. It got busier later.


The menu is definitely larger than the locations in the food court.


Nanzaro ordered the Fish Puff with Rice. It came in a hot plate. For this Teppanyaki Combo, one gets to choose either rice or egg noodle or Udon for the carbohydrate. The sauce option is either house sauce or Korean sauce. Nanzaro opted for rice with house sauce.


Ben ordered his favourite Hainanese Chicken Laksa.


The meal also includes a drink. Ben upgraded his ice milk tea to large for 50cents extra. Nanzaro ordered the honey lemon water which is also 50cents extra as long as you switch from coffee or tea.


I had the Mongolia Lamb dry noodle combo. I opted for egg noodle. Other noodle choices include instant noodle or Udon.


Arkensen ordered from the Mix&Match Noodle. He had ramen in Satay sauce soup with sliced lamb and luncheon meat. The broth was slightly on the salty side but quite tasty.


Both Arkensen and I opted for ice coffee. Arkensen commented that the coffee here is better than McDonalds. I agreed.


Arkensen and I also ordered the Waffle Cake for $1 extra. We thought the waffle cake on the ordering form was the bubble waffle. Apparently it is western style waffle. There is a bit of confusion on the ordering form. Anyway, the waffle was very good too, which is crunchy on the outside. There is peanut butter and sugar in between the waffles. I reckoned now that Hong Kong style is with peanut butter. The server did not ask us if we have allergy when she confirmed with us that we wanted Hong Kong style. I think it’s better that they specify on the order form clearly that there is peanut butter to prevent any allergy accident.


The payment counter is at the entrance. Credit card is accepted here.

We felt that the server who attended us was a bit rush, in taking our orders and clearing our tables. Perhaps, it is due to the rush lunch hour and they want to turn over the table quickly.


You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

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