KL 2017 Korean Lunch at Sunway Pyramid

We had lunch in Sunway Pyramid after shopping for a while.


We met up with my niece and friends at the above Korean restaurant. The restaurant was very busy. We waited for  while to get a few tables to be joined up for our group of 9 people. A server took our orders even before we get a table.


Typical Korean metal cutlery.


Banchans which you can ask for refill.


We shared dishes, trying a bite here and there. This is what we tried. The above was a chicken BBQ dish. The homemade sauce is slightly on the sweet side.


Soup and rice which came with the chicken BBQ. This is RM20.50 (about CAD6.20).


My niece had a hot and spicy noodle soup with beef. This is RM14.90 (about CAD4.50).


My brother in law had a spicy soft tofu stew served with rice. The broth from the noodle soup is more flavourful than the tofu stew. This is RM18.50 (about CAD5.60)


My other niece had the Korean Beef Stew which is sweet with strong onion flavour. This is also served with rice. This is RM21.50 (about CAD6.50).


The other dish that the group tried was the Kimchi Fried Rice. This is RM16.90 (about CAD5.20).


Seating is really tight here and you cant hang out long as people are waiting for a table just outside the dining area.

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