KL 2017 Dim Sum in Ipoh

The next morning, my sister drove me and my second niece to Ipoh for a half day trip.


We had dim sum for breakfast.


The restaurant is decorated with lanterns and couplets for Chinese New Year celebration.


The dim sum style here is similar to the cart system but without the cart, i.e. servers bring a tray of dim sum around.


We had pu-er tea which turn out to be very dark.


The dim sum here is small which is what dim sum supposed to be.


Look at how small the prawn dumpling is.


The pork dumpling is slightly bigger and it came in 4 instead of 3.


The pork and century egg porridge is tasty.


My niece wanted the BBQ Pork Rice Roll.

The three of us shared 13 items. The bill came to RM56.40 (about CAD17).

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  1. Jayda

    I like it when dim sum is smaller. It’s easier to sample more without getting too full. Are Malaysian dim sum very different from Chinese traditional dim sum?

    1. suannechowtimes

      Yes, they are generally smaller in portion size. North American food is generally in bigger portion.

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