KL 2017 Concubine Lane in Ipoh

After breakfast, we went to explore Concubine Lane.


Concupine Lane is a lane lined with souvenirs shops, clothing store, etc.


A traditional style store front.


A westernized store front.


Tea pots painted with rooster motive to celebrate the Rooster year.


Chinese embroidered pendant sachets.


My sister almost bought this set of cute figurines. Unfortunately, they are not all girls.


Another store front.


The Concupine Lane is made for tourist. Some store has a floor for photography purpose with colourful decor.


This was my sister’s favourite store. They sell key chains and car hanging ornaments with natural seeds.


The store keeper showed us the bean pod which is at least 1 foot long and very woody. The dull colour seed is in its original state before polishing.


We also stopped by the Gaharu Tea Valley store. The tree in front of the store is the Agarwood tree where every part of the tree can be used to made into tea. Agarwood tea is a natural diuretic to promote a healthy digestive system.


We tried a Argawood Tree ice-cream. It does not have a strong flavour.


We saw a “Ding Ding Tong” merchant selling the traditional candy on the back of a bicycle.

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