KL 2017 Hawker’s Meal 4

My sister came to pick me up from my father’s place and then go to pick my niece up from school for Chinese New Year activities.


We had lunch at a wet market near the school. My niece has Pok-Pok Noodle. Its a dry mix noodle without the dark soy sauce.


The Pok Pok Noodle came with a bowl of soup with pork and fish balls. A large one is RM6.50 (about CAD2).


My sister had a bowl of Pork Noodle Soup with Rice Noodle. Her small bowl is just RM5.50 (about CAD1.70).


I had a Claypot “Lo Shue Fern” (a kind of short rice noodle). There is a raw egg in it, to be cooked when mix with the piping hot noodle.┬áThe egg adds creaminess to the noodle.


My claypot noodle came with a soup on the side. My noodle is also RM6 (about CAD2).


I saw a stall selling Nyonya Kuih (steam cakes) and I bought 11 pieces, almost all the available varieties. It is RM0.90 (about CAD0.30) per piece. We had it for breakfast the next morning.


I also bought a few bags of freshly roasted nuts form the market. The above is RM20 (about CAD6).

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