KL 2017 Reunion Lunch in Penang

Our first visit in Penang was to my brother in law’s eldest brother’s home.


We had our reunion lunch there. Home cooked food from Penang.


Penang Lobak is a street food made with pork marinated in five spice powder mixed with chopped water chestnuts, onions, jicama, carrot, etc and wrapped tightly with bean curd sheet and deep fried.


Deep fried prawn for laughter the whole year.


This is another popular food in Penang, “Bangkwang Char”, stir fried shredded jicama with mushrooms, carrots, squids.


“Acar” a kind of pickled vegetables. My brother in law told me that both the jicama dishes are from Nyonya heritage.


Fried chicken wings.


Fish maw soup.

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