KL 2017 Fifth Day Chinese New Year Visitation

On the fifth day of Chinese Year New, my sister and family and I went back to my father’s place for Chinese New Year greetings (“Pai Nian”). After that we brought along my father to visit my second uncle from my late mother’s side of the family, i.e. my late mother’s late second sister’s family.


Another version of Chinese New Year Candy Box.


The next stop was to theĀ fourth brother of my late mother, i.e. my fourth uncle. My fourth auntie bought a lot of Chinese New Year goodies. She only made “Kuih Kapik” for Chinese New Year.


Some deep fried dough in the shape of ribbons.


Corn flakes cluster and some chocolate coated puff cereal cluster.


My auntie also gave us to try some fresh dodol (durian cake).


She made some instant black coffee for me and my sister. It was pretty good.


She told me that she asked her friend to bring back from Penang as she could not find them in Kuala Lumpur.


My uncle called back all his daughters and sons families to come back to see me because I seldom come home. It was a big family reunion. One of my cousin bought some curry puff from Ikea for me to try.


The curry puff was pretty good, not too oily.


We had some home cooked food too. A herbal soup.


Steamed Assam Fish.


A stir fried green leafy vegetables.


Lastly, “Assam Gai Choy” which is a tangy and spicy vegetable dish cooked with leftover meat. It was a happy big family reunion.

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