KL 2017 Hawker’s Meal 11

Here are more of my hawker’s stalls adventure. I was not too hungry, so I had a lighter lunch.


Chinese mix fruit rojak with prawn paste and ground peanuts. The fruit include pineapple, jicama and cucumber. This is RM5 (about CAD1.50).


Iced coffee, RM2.50 (about CAD0.75).


“Yin Yeong” Kaya Pastry; RM1.50 (about CAD0.50).


I was curious by the name “yin yeong”; apparently the filing is still coconut jam but the pastry is more buttery.


My father just hada simple rice with meat and vegetable, only RM5 (about CAD1.50).


For dinner, we went to a mamak restaurant.


I ordered a Tandoori chicken which came in a big serving. Luckily my father helped me with some of the meat. But he commented that the meat was tough.


I also ordered a garlic naan to go with the tandoori chicken. It also came in a big piece. I was only able to eat half of it and had the leftover to go.


My father had a chicken and seafood tom yum soup, to go with a plate of rice.


There was not much of meat in the soup, so my order of tandoori chicken complemented his meal well.


I had a sour sop drink which is unfortunately made from concentrate.


They did add in a couple of tiny pieces of the fruit though.


The meal came to about CAD6.75.

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