KL 2017 FRIM

On a Saturday morning, my sister in law (my brother’s wife) wanted to bring me to FRIM for morning walk.


We went out very early, just after 6am. It was still very dark. So, we went to the nearby Kim Tek Bak Kut Teh to have breakfast. This is my family’s favourite bak kut teh restaurant. She ordered an order of “sei guat”, literally translated to small bone. The meat was not too fatty.  I wonder what is the English term for this part of the meat.


We also shared an order of bean curd sheet and tofu puff.


Lastly, some Chinese donut for dunking into the soup.


After breakfast, we drove to FRIM which is just a short drive away. FRIM stands for Forest Research Institute Malaysia. Entry to FRIM is RM5.30 (about CAD1.50) per car. If by foot, it’s RM1 per person.


This is an area where people are allowed to get into the water for a dip. My nephews used to love to play here when they were young.


It looks like a function is going to take place here.


We walked up to the water fall which is just a small hike up.


We did not venture beyond the unpaved path as we came with sandals only.


Here are more photos from our nature walk.







When we walked past this tree, it just smelled great. I wonder what is this plant.


I will miss the sound of insects and birds in the park that I took for granted for the past few weeks here.

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