Praise Dance Christmas Dinner 2017

I attended the annual Christmas Party organized by Canada Praise Dance Association for the first time last Saturday.

The event was attended by 370 and represented by twenty over groups all over metro Vancouver.

The event was well organized by a lot of volunteers.

The event opens its door at 2:15pm while the actual program starts at 3:30pm.

Fruits and desserts were served while we wait for the program to start.

The desserts were mostly made by volunteers. The above jello was so pretty.

The sesame roll was chewy and not overly sweet.

There were cakes, sandwiches, mini chicken pie, sesame crisps and cheesecakes.

The program started with some singing and sharing, follow by praise dance by the various groups.

In between the performances, there were lucky draws. The above center piece on each table went to the person at the table who gave a ride to most people to the event.

The performance that got the most applause was the one by a group of children. They are so cute.

The above was the only dance by all men.

There are participants that performed at multiple groups performance. Some of the attendees danced along with the performers as they were too engrossed with the music.

After all the performances, dinner was served. We even had a suckling pig.

Fried fish and pork chops.

Salad and Braised Beef with Daikon.

Fried tofu and Beef and Broccoli.

The buffet was manned by volunteers, so everything go smoothly and everyone got their food quite quickly. There were 3 stations of the buffet and each table number is called to pick up their food at a designated station.

There were BBQ duck and fried noodles too. There were more than enough food for second round for those who have big appetite.

It was a well coordinated event. Thanks to all the volunteers. I certainly had a great time. I enjoy the praise dance melody and lyrics which are words from the Bible. It constantly reminds me of the God’s love and teachings.

The event ended with the Lord’s Prayer dance where everyone participated.


The above was the dance performed by the Richmond United Church.

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