Cafe Loyal Asian Fast Food on Bridgeport Road, Richmond

When I was having my hair cut at a salon recently, I overheard conversations about a Hong Kong style restaurant on Bridgeport Road and No. 5 Road has good value for money (I assumed it to be Hong Kong because drink is included).


We decided to go for lunch on a Sunday. The previous tenant of this location was Casa Pinoy which was pretty good too.


As this is a fast food place, there is no table service. The menus are posted on the wall and you place your order by the menu number at the cashier and pay for the food upon placing the order.


When your food is ready, they will call your receipt number for you to pick up your food at the counter. The good thing is you do not have to pay tips as there is no table service. This restaurant accepts cash only.


I like the open kitchen concept where you can view the chef at work and the cleanliness of the kitchen.


I ordered Chicken in Thai Sauce with rice. You can have it with spaghetti too. It is just a grilled chicken chop doused with sweet chili sauce with some steamed green beans at the bottom. The meal was decent. I had hot milk tea with my meal.


Nanzaro ordered the House Fried Rice. The rice was lightly fried with eggs and topped with generous amount of seafood and beef with some kind of sauce. It was pretty good according to Nanzaro.


Ben ordered a Mixed Grill Set which is the most expensive among our orders. This came with a pork chop, a chicken chop and a sausage and Ben opted for fries for his set. It came with a sauce and some grilled onions a the bottom of the hot plate.


Arkensen’s order came last as he ordered the Baked Seafood Rice. Arkensen commented that the rice was bland unless he ate it with the sauce. His serving was quite big as he has leftover to go.


Another good thing here is that there is no extra charge for cold drink. But the cold drink came in different sizes. Ben’s more expensive order came with a larger size drink.


This restaurant opens early on weekday to cater for the surrounding businesses. We will be back to try other other menu items.

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