Lee’s Fried Chicken on Kingsway

— Lee’s chicken had been replaced with a Korean/Japanese eatery

A chicken with beautiful plumage does not sit in a corner.
~ African Proverb

Our boys love fried chicken. They normally wants this for lunch after their Chinese classes on Saturdays. Although, the most common fried chicken places in Vancouver is KFC and Church’s Chicken, we don’t really fancy them.

Instead, we like this rather unknown place called Lee’s Fried Chicken. We tried it once out of curiosity some years back and has since been going there quite regularly. It is located along Kingsway between Royal Oak and Nelson. BTW, although this place serves primarily fried chicken, they also serve Korean and Japanese food like sushi, noodles, etc during weekdays.

The husband-wife owners of this outlet are Koreans. Since we were such regulars over the years, we get very good service from the owners — they give us real plates and cutlery instead of styrofoam and plastic ones!


The boys love the fries the most. It’s always served hot and is crispy on the outside and soft on the insides — made perfectly. It also has the right touch of salt. Arkensen always says that it has good texture and great taste. The serving is large enough for the four of us.

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