Sushi Platter from Matsuyama in Richmond

I don’t know what to say. This summer had just gone past so fast. This morning I was reminded that summer is coming to an end and this weekend is as good as it gets for the rest of it. So, for a change we decided to just go out to the park for lunch.


The boys had been hankering me to get the Matsuyama Party Platter which we did not manage to do all these while because they wanted an hour advance notice to prepare them. We called the moment they are opened (at 11AM) and placed our order. Guess what, they told me over the phone that they only needed 15-20 minutes. I guess it’s because it’s early enough that they did not need the 1 hour advance notice.


We had blogged about Matsuyama before here. This place had turned out to be our favourite sushi place in Richmond. By the time we got there as the appointed time to pick it up, it was all ready.

BTW, a question … you don’t leave a tip do you when you go pick up your food from the restaurant on your own, do you? And another question … if they deliver to your house, how much do you tip the deliverer? A percentage of the tab or a fixed amount.


They came packed nicely in a round plastic platter. For a moment, I thought they might even give it to us in a few separate Styrofoam containers like some sushi places do. I like this better because it looks nicer. The soya sauce was included in separate containers rather than sachets.


We brought it to the South Arm Park. On a nice day like this, this place is always packed with picnickers. (more…)

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Matsuyama Japanese Restaurant in Richmond

One of our favorite weekend restaurants is the Silver Tower Cafe. For all the times we chose to eat around the neighborhood, we had always went to Silver Tower and ignored the Matsuyama Japanese Restaurant even though it had a more prominent front.

Since our boys wanted sushi, we decided to go in and check it out.


The Matsuyama is located on the eastern end of Alexandra Road. Parking is terrible around here but we normally could get a spot if we wait for a while. We almost always have someone pull out within 5-10 minutes max even on peak lunch time.


Looking at their menu, we were wondering why it took us so long to visit this place. They have lots of choices … (more…)

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Yakko Sushi in Burnaby

After the Sun Run, we decided to go for sushi. I knew the boys would have loved it and planned to go to the Sushi Garden located along Kingsway across the street from Metrotown. However, the very popular Sushi Garden was closed. Dashed!


So we walked a few doors away and went instead to a smaller Sushi restaurant. It is called Yakko Sushi (located on 4689 Kingsway). There a quite a few sushi restaurants in this stretch of Kingsway … at least four that I can think of.


I have learned to like Kikkoman soya sauce which is sweet. At Yakko they serve Yamasa soya sauce. I don’t quite like this Yamasa brand. It had a stronger intense taste and a bit too salty for me. Not sure about you but I use the soya sauce to flavor the rice.

Oh, what do you think of the practice of mixing wasabi with soya sauce? I see a lot of people do that but I find that taste strange.


We opted to get one of their Party Trays. Their Party Tray H costs $27.00 which was just enough for the four of us. (more…)

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