Polly’s Cheese and Sausage Omelette

Polly is such a dear friend. She called last week saying that she wanted to come by and make me her special omelette. Polly said this is her kids’ favourite food and makes it quite often at home. Polly has always come across to me as someone who walks the extra mile for her family and friends. She has a good heart!


Polly brought along her unique little pan which is designed for making omelette. I think she said that it’s Japanese — you know, the type that Japanese used to make thin yellow omelettes for sushi. I have never knew that were such a pan. I will try to look for them one of these days in the Osaka Supermarket. Maybe they carry it in their store.


Polly even brought along all the required ingredients. The ingredients includes sliced sausage, cheese and chopped green onions. Polly also brought sea salt, which is said to be superior in taste than the normal table salt.


Polly, thanks for keeping me company that afternoon. It was great having someone to chat over lunch.


_MG_5417_edited-1Beat one egg and season with sea salt. The pan is designed to make one omelette at a time. Heat oil the pan before you pour in the egg.
_MG_5414_edited-1Place the rest of the ingredients on one side of the omelette.
_MG_5418_edited-1.jpgUse a spatula to flip over the omelette, covering the ingredients. Cook until the insides are set.

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  1. charles ravndal

    Oh I love omelettes! And also the pictures are gorgeous! Nice that I manage to stumble upon your blog in BE

  2. Rosa

    Wish I had one of your omelets right now! (I’m dieting!)

  3. Suanne

    Hi Rosa: What? You’re dieting? 🙂 We’re always in the perpetual state of dieting. We “diet” five days a week and then stuff ourselves silly on the weekends!

    Hi Charles: You have an interesting site. Glad you like the pictures. Ben’s the photographer most of the time. The dials on the camera confuses me. I just get him to set them for me and I just press the shutter and at the same time trying to not shake the camera. I am learning … still!

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