Empire Seafood Restaurant

The Gilmore Church Community Kitchen decided to have a break on the last session of this season before the break for summer holiday. Instead of the regular cooking class, the group went for dim sum at Empire Seafood Restaurant.


Empire Seafood Restaurant is located next to London Drugs on No. 3 Rd and Westminster Highway. This restaurant offers 20% discount if you place your order before 11:00 am. There are daily specials on discounted price. The restaurant has a menu of 82 items and the price ranges from $2.45 on daily specials to $7.85 per dish. I must say that it is not cheap.

Here are some of the dishes we ordered.


This is Empire’s specialty dish; baked BBQ pork buns. Regular price is $3.95 but it’s on special today @ $2.45.


Deep Fried Tofu with salt and pepper @ $4.95.


Garden pea with dried prawns in broth @ $6.50.


Bake egg custard tarts @ $3.45.


Steamed rice rolls with beef @ special price $2.75 (regular price: $4.65).


Steamed prawn dumplings @ $3.95.


Deep fried spring rolls @ $3.65.


Steamed rice rolls with BBQ pork @ special price $2.75 (regular price @ $4.65).


Meat balls in chicken broth @ $3.95.


Deep fried wonton with sweet and sour sauce on side @ $6.95. Unfortunately, the photo of the sauce did not turn out ok.

There were more dishes which I did not manage to capture a clear photo like steamed pork dumplings with prawn and scallop @ $3.95, steamed pork with pumpkin @ $4.25, steamed rice rolls with Chinese donut @ $4.65 and fried sticky rice with preserved meats @ $6.95.

All in all the bill was $90 including tips for 10 people. However, we only shared the bill among the 9 members excluding Jean, the leader of the group; as an appreciation to her service. It was a good get-together. I wish all the members of the Gilmore Church Community Kitchen a great summer and happy cooking at home.

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  1. Kirk

    Hi Suane – Looks wonderful. Many people consider the Dim Sum in richmond to be the best in North America.

  2. a.c.t

    What a great site you have here, the photography is amazing.

  3. sally

    The baked pork buns…YUM!

  4. Erick

    We’ve been meaning to try Empire Seafood for quite some time. I’ve heard great things about it and the prices seem reasonable, especially before 11am. How does their dim sum compare to others like Kirin, Shiang Garden or Sun Sui Wah?

    We tried Fisherman’s Village the last time we were there. The soy sauce noodle and the cha siu bao were a bit disappointing. The shrimp in tofu wrapper was excellent though.

  5. Suanne

    Hi Erick,
    The quality of dim sum at Empire is alright. The price is on the high side though. I’ve not try dim sum at Kirin or Shiang Garden.

  6. Simon

    I usually go to there for dim sum. The price is alright and the food is not too bad.

    However, I do caution that the service there is unacceptable and I will likely not revisit the place again.

    We ordered dim sum @ 10AM. By 10:40AM we were pretty much finished and noticed that one dish has still not arrived. I flagged down one of their employees (the General Manager) to get the bill and also told him to cancel the dish that did not arrive for almost 40 minutes. He acknowledged and then walked away for a few minutes. Then he returned with the missing dish and just shoved it onto the table. We reminded him that I asked that it be cancelled and that we were finished the meal. He said “You ordered it so you must take it regardless” (in Cantonese). The attitude exerted gave me the feeling that he doesn’t appreciate and respect customers. At no point did he apologize or showed remorse for the delay caused.

    In my opinion, it is very shocking to see such attitude from a senior level manager. I cannot convince myself that this restaurant deserves any of my business.

    1. Ben

      Whoa Simon. You sure are offended by Empire Seafood. I just saw your same review on DineHere.ca. Sometimes when I read such comments, I think there must be something else not mentioned … and there could be another side of this story. There could have been something else that triggered that exchange. But anyway, I am not doubting your experience nor am I saying that the restaurant is right. Just saying.

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