Steveston Bakery on No. 1 Road, Richmond

Steveston Bakery is a old timer in Steveston Village. It has been around since 1989.

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The sandwich board in front says that coffee is free from 5 to 6pm.

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A mural covers one of the wall in the bakery.

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There are baked goods from cake, muffin, pastries, cookies, bread and soup. Coffee is self service. We ordered large coffees since it’s just 20 cents extra from the regular size. But the server told us that she will charge us the regular size price since refill is free when we dine in.

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We ordered four items to share. The bill came to $13+ including the coffees. Price is very reasonable here. Steveston Bakery accepts credit card.

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A poppy seed danish. The poppy seeds add little crunch in the texture.

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The apple tart is a bit hard to cut into half as the shell is quite hard; the filing is gooey sweet.

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The strawberry cheese cake is pretty decent for less than $3.

I missed out the photo of the Almond Slice which has a light fluff texture.


After the sweet treat, we decided to take a walk at the Imperial Landing area to walk off some calories. To our surprise, it looks so different from the last time we came here. A  row of buildings were erected next to the board walk.


There is also a new platform for fishing.

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  1. ML

    Steveston has definitely changed a lot in the past ten years! I love that bakery, I used to go with my family when I was a kid…do you remember the little grocery that used to be beside the bakery, where the realtor is now (I think)? They used to sell lots of organic foods, like a mini version of Capers. And on the other side of the bakery, Rocanini’s corner, there was a convenience store selling British goods, where I remember I used to buy Spice Girls gum packets with my sister. Haha, good memories! The playground used to be really awesome too, now I’m too old to be checking that out…

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