DQ’s Chocolate French Silk Pie

Boy! It was scorcher the past few days. It is simply impossible to stay at home. The temperature was around 30 C.

So, Ben and I decided to go out for a walk where there are a bit of a breeze. After the walk, we decided to go for an ice-cream. So, we went to a Gelato place for ice-cream but the price were simply outrageous — $4 for just ONE scoop. Now, that’s simply too much to pay for ice-cream and so we went instead to the Dairy Queen on Anderson Road in Richmond.


Surprisingly, there was a good flow of customers in the store. After browsing through the rather extensive ice-cream menu for a while, we decided on a large Chocolate French Silk Pie. We thought that it will never go wrong with chocolate. The large Chocolate French Silk Pie cost just $5.29. There are four sizes that you can choose; small, medium, large and jumbo.


It was a superb choice, no regrets. The Chocolate French Silk Pie is creamy and yet not too sweet. It has some chocolate bits and some crunchy ‘pie crust’ which complement the ice-cream very well.

Do you have a favourite Dairy Queen ice-cream? We used to eat a lot of their Dilly Bars.


Bet the picture above will make some of you want to just go out for an ice-cream … right?

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  1. Maritza

    I would love some DQ ice cream! Unfortunately, the only one in town has sadly shuttered it doors and closed last summer.

  2. Golly

    I tended only to use DQ when the odd little shack in Birmingham MI shut at the end of the season. I did love the peanut butter cup ‘blizzards’ though.

  3. zee

    yummy…my favorite icecream is from dairy queen…plain vanilla in a cup..i can only consume about half of the small size cup..too rich for me.

    i will eat icecream at ikea ..less rich for me.

    i have consumed dilly bars before but as i get older (in age only..lol)my palate has less cravings for sweetness.

    hope your sons enjoyed the chocolates i gave them…my sons dont eat much chocolate anymore..was melting as i bought it and drove home with it…too hot.

    hopefully it will get cooler as days pass by.

  4. Suanne

    Hi Maritza: What a bummer having the only DQ in your area closed. I felt that DQ is struggling as a fast food outlet despite that they have great ice-creams.

    Hi K: Good!

    Hi Golly: The peanut butter blizzard is great too. That ranks as my #2 fav after chocolates!

    Hi Zee: I have a sweet tooth myself. Do you think I will have lesser craving for sweetness as I get older? 🙂

  5. Rosa

    Wow. That looks sinful!

  6. Chris

    I saw your awesome pic of that dairy queen ice cream and I am entering a contest for dairy queen and would like to use that picture in part of a photoshop creation that I am working on. I was just wondering if I could have your permission to use your image in my entry. e-mail me at crchrist@email.unc.edu and let me know. thanks!!!!!

  7. Debbie

    french silk pie+ ice cream= happiness. ME LIKEY!!!!!!!!!!

    1. DOCJ


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