Pizza Hut

Believe it or not but we have NOT been to a Pizza Hut or called for delivery for almost seven years now. We always get their flyers all the time at home and told ourselves we should try them out — we just never did … until about four weeks ago.

Most of the Pizza Huts around were small delivery places or stalls in the mall. However, there is a full service Pizza Hut in Richmond on 8340 Westminster Hwy.


For the pizza we ordered their “4-For-All” Pizza which comprises of four different types of pizzas — cheese, supreme, pepperoni and Canadian. That’s is great because the boys loves pepperoni and cheese but I don’t care too much for them.


The pizzas are not the typical round ones but are squares. It was quite a lot of pizzas for the four of us. We especially like pizzas that has lots of toppings that they drop off. Nanzaro loves the Pepperoni a lot.


Pizza Hut had their new “Side Sampler”. It costs $5.99 for a sampler that includes:

  • 5 chicken wings with Ranch Dip
  • 10 breadsticks with Marinara Sauce
  • 10 Cinnamon Sticks with Icing


The breadsticks were surprisingly very good, particularly with the dips and sauces. They were served warm and soft — just heavenly.


We also ordered a pitcher of Lemonade. The entire bill comes to $31 (including tips). Simple but certainly a great meal.

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  1. Jen

    That looks yummy. I do my own pizzas. I start the dough in the morning and top it in time for supper.

  2. LotusRapper

    Capers sells pizza dough ready to use. Costs about $2.50 for approx. 1.5 lbs. Simply take home, let sit in room temperature for about 30 mins or so, and form to pizza pie shape as part of your own pizza making routine.

    You can also buy similar dough from local mom & pop pizza shops.

  3. David

    Ben I am somewhat disappointed to see you bought a pizza instead of making it at home.

  4. pasion

    not that i havent anything againt pizza hut (tho they are really greasy here in the philippines), we havent bought pizza in a few years now, after having tried making our own. somehow homemade pizza just tastes so much better.

  5. Suanne

    Hi Jen, David, Passion: He he he … I didn’t know so many people actually make their own pizzas. I have tried making my own dough but it turned out disappointing because I just cannot make it thin and crispy enough. The guys at home insists on thin and crispy crusts. Do you have any idea how to make it so? I make the dough using a bread machine.

    Hi Lotus Rapper: I will check it out the next time I go to Capers. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Abu Sahajj


    Are you showing up this fast food so that we can see for ourselves how much different the quality of home cooked food is from fast food?

    If so its working.


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