Yaohan Foodcourt

We used to go to Yaohan’s food court very often. However, it must have been at least two years since we last step into this chinese mall located along No 3 Road in Richmond. Perhaps, the reason is because of the poor parking condition. Yaohan’s car park must be the worst in Richmond, maybe even the worst in the whole of Lower Mainland. We often had to circle the car park at least twice before we get a parking spot. This place is just soooo busy all the time.


There’s only two (although huge) draw factors to Yaohan — the food court and the Osaka Supermarket. Osaka is a very popular Chinese/pseudo-Japanese supermarket. We like the sushi selection in Osaka.

The food court is perhaps the cleanest chinese food court around. The food is cheap. If you’re looking for cheap eats, go after 6pm. That’s when the stalls pull down their signs and replace them with ones with lower prices. For instance, rice with 4 dishes are $5.50 before 6pm and $4.75 after 6pm.


Nanzaro ordered a Kimchee ramen noodle from a Korean stall. The noodle appears to be just instant noodles. The noodle soup came with some thinly sliced Korean beef, slice onion, carrot and chopped green onion. The serving is quite big.


Nanzaro’s order came with a side dish of some shredded pickled vegetable and some candied sweet potatoes. The candied sweet potatoes is surprisingly good.


Suanne ordered a rice wine sesame chicken from a Taiwanese stall for $6.99. The broth is very rich in rice wine, a bit too bitter for Suanne.


The rice wine sesame chicken is served either with rice or vemicelli and Suanne opted for the vermicelli. The vermicelli was all starchy, sticky and lumpy. It was really badly prepared.


Arkensen ordered the char koay teow from the Curry House stall. It is not up to our expection as there is too much bean sprout in it. The prawns and the chinese sausage are small.


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  1. Tami

    These food photographs are spectacular! I want to go there now that I have seen these wonderful food shots!

  2. Ben

    Hi Tami, I saw your new photo site and Flickr. It was really interesting and you have a lot of really good shots. What camera do you use?

  3. Lauren

    Gosh, the food bargain after 6pm …. it’s so value for money. I almost forgot about this foodcourt. Reading your blog reminds me so much of the places I used to go during my days in Vancouver 🙂

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