Kamloops Trip: Kam Do Restaurant and Bakery – Breakfast

We made an overnight trip to Kamloops last month to see the Salmon Run. We wanted to start as early as possible so that we can be in Kamloops in early afternoon.

There were limited places available for breakfast at that early hour. I think it was about seven in the morning. The morning was uncharacteristically foggy in Richmond. Kind of eerie driving down No 3 Rd, I must say.


OK, of late we have been crazy over HK style cafes because of the delicious and plentiful food for under $10. Nanzaro and Arkensen, for some reason, dislikes HK style cafes, in particular Kam Do which Suanne and I loves. Anyway, it was my choice this week — we went to Kam Do for breakfast since we had never tried their breakfast menu.

We had blogged about Kam Do twice (here and here) before.

The table setting is downright simple and efficient. The cutlery came in a basket and left for us to set it up.


I ordered from the Big Bowl Breakfast menu ($6.85). On hindsight I should not have ordered this as this is too much food for me. It came with a bowl of spaghetti and BBQ pork in clear soup.

Nanzaro ordered from the Good Morning Breakfast Special menu ($5.25). He selected the …Rice Noodles and Pork Meat in Soup as the main dish.


Nanzaro also get another selection with his Rice Noodles. He chose Pan fried Eggs with Luncheon Meat.


I selected Sauteed Pork Chop with Egg. How is this and the Spaghetti for just over $6? Oh, it also came with Milk Tea too. There are not many places who can offer meals like this for this kind of money.


Suanne ordered from Breakfast Combination Menu ($5.85). For that she had the Chicken & Mushroom Omelette and a couple of Smoked Jumbo Sausages.


That was a heavy breakfast for us. The total bill came up to only $21 (including tips). We’ll blog about the Salmon Run tomorrow.

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  1. Chubbypanda


    That’s an impressive amount of food for that price. Next time I visit Vancouver, I’m chowing down in Richmond. That’s where all the cheap, good eats seem to be.

    – Chubbypanda

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