Steeps Tea Lounge in Vancouver

Updated: 14th Jan 2011; This restaurant had closed according to

Polly and I met again for a girls day out. We went to Steeps Tea Lounge on West Broadway and Laurel in Vancouver. It was a lovely sunny spring day and as you can see, there are already people enjoying a cup of tea in the sun at the patio.


Steeps Tea Lounge offers some two hundreds teas ranging from matcha (green tea), herbal teas, rooibos (black tea), chais and premium loose tea.


There is a cabinet by the wall where stacks of china tea cups, old fashion tea cups and mugs for you to pick if you prefers.


The decoration in Steeps creates an ambiance for relaxation. It is a great place for friends to meet and chat while enjoying a great cup of tea.


Steeps also serves food like panini, baked goods, and soups. The cake they serve on the day we visited them is carrot cake which is not our favourite. So, we ordered a slice of quiche to try. The quiche we ordered is filled with 3 cheese, ham and mushroom. The quiche is very creamy and filing.


I ordered one of the special of the day, Matchacinno. It is green tea with steamed milk. The Matchacinno is served in a bowl like cup on a wooden tray, very Japanese like.


Polly ordered another special of the day, Spice Apple Cider. It is served with a cinnamon stick. Polly commented that it is very rich in apple flavour.


The total bill came up to $12.72. A good change from coffee break.

After the tea, we drove around Stanley Park to enjoy the beautiful spring day scenery. It is a gorgeous day and I just cant help to take a photo of the cherry blossoms which is in full bloom.


This is a photo taken from The Prospect Point in Stanley Park.


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  1. RobynT

    what a cute place! if i get back to vancouver again, i’m definitely going!

  2. matt

    your outdoor photos look a bit too cool. did you have your white balance set?

    the indoor shots look normal though.

  3. LotusRapper

    STEEPS is a great little oasis from the urban rush. We live a stone’s throw from there and always enjoy popping in for some peace. No annoying “whooooooosh” of the capp machines here ! Snack offerings are pretty decent, if a bit on the pricey side, for me. I love Earl Grey and their EG Roobois is one of the best around.

    Enjoy !

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