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We blogged about Ikea’s $1 breakfast here. This time, I’m going to blog about other menu items offered by Ikea Restaurant & Cafe.

Polly, Ching Ching and I brought our kids to the Zone for bowling during the spring break. After bowling, we went to Ikea Restaurant & Cafe for a late lunch. The restaurant is always busy as usual.

Nanzaro and I shared the Swedish Meat Balls combo which consist of 10 Swedish meatballs served with boiled potatoes, cream sauce and lingoberry jam.


The combo also comes with a kind of like Minestrone soup. This combo costs less than $6 (cant recall the exact price).


Arkensen ordered Fish and Chips which costs $4.99. It comes with two pieces of fish, crispy on outside and moist inside. Arkensen likes it.


Polly’s twin girls ordered some kids meals which cost only $1.99 each. One of them is Macaroni and Cheese with Fries. The other ordered a pasta.


I ordered a piece of their signature dessert (cant recall the name). This dessert is also sold in Ikea’s groceries section where you find the cookies, meatballs, jam, etc. This costs only 99cents and it comes with a coffee with unlimited refills.


It’s good to have a quick bite in Ikea Restaurant & Cafe while you are shopping there.

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  1. lisa

    wow! i didnt know ikea had food too! 🙂

  2. cocoa

    I love Ikea but the nearest Ikea is 9 hours of driving away from my house. My husband and I are planning a trip to Chicago Ikea end of this month… Not sure if they still have the $1 breakfast menu but surely will try some of the food there.

  3. tigerfish

    Tried the bf at Ikea before but the US-version of bf is really miles apart from the one I’ve had in Sg. But it’s $1, what to expect?

  4. Chubbypanda

    I love IKEA food. Reminds me of cafeteria food when I was a university.

    I knew Suanne had written this post when I saw, “Nanzaro and I shared the Swedish Meat Balls combo,” because Ben could knock one of those out himself and go back for seconds. =)

  5. ellecamino

    the fresh baked cinnamon buns at the coquitlam ikea are heavenly! they are served soft and warm, and taste 10 times better than the day-old ones sold in plastic paks.

  6. RobynT

    cool! i’m going to ikea (for the first time) tomorrow!

  7. average Joe

    Me and my friends went to Ikea restaurant several times before. We ordered poach salmon and fish and chips but we noticed the food portion are smalled compare to other customers(especially Malay customers). We did complained to the manager and the headquaters in Sweden but there is no improvement at all.

    In a separate occasion ,I ordered the breakfast set that comes with free coffee. When I was about to pay at the cashier counter, the staff charged me extra because it was 1 minute past 9.30am. Few minutes later I saw her taking a coffee cup straight from the shelf and give it to her friends without paying first. The staff is female, short, fat, fair skin, wear scarf, and always wear thick make-up.

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