Richmond Community Based Programs’ Open House 2007

The Richmond Community Based Programs’ held its annual open house on the 14th June 2007. This is a potluck gathering organised by the family services of Greater Vancouver as the community kitchens wind down for the summer break.

We had the mayor of Richmond, Malcolm Brodie to officiate the opening of the Open House.


Lancy (of Family Services) and Minoo (of Richmond Community Kitchens) kicked start the most anticipated potluck dinner.


This is the moment everyone is waiting for… time to eat.


There were plenty of food from the members of the community kitchens as well as some which were catered so that there will not be a shortage of food. I will only displayed some of the home-made dishes from the members of the community kitchens.

Cabbage Rolls…


… Salmon Fried Rice …


… Pig Ears Stir-fries…


… Kimbab …


… Cassava Cake..


… Chicken Wings…


… Smoked Salmon Bruschetta…


… Prawns…


… Chicken Dish…


… Shrimp, Mushroom and Peas …


I did not manage to take photos of desserts as they were served later. When the desserts were served, I did not stand a chance to take individual photos as people were lining up to fill their plates.

There were plenty of food for all and it’s certainly a successful event. Many thanks to the volunteers who helped out, the organizers, the members of the community kitchens who shared their favourite dishes and most of all to those who came to join us. We wished everyone a great summer.

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  1. Jennifer

    Mmm, cassava cake! That chicken dish looks like Chicken Adobo too. I miss living in such a diverse place!!

  2. Pepy

    I’m going to Vc next week, do you have any suggestion where to go for eating out? I specify some restaurants that have plenty seafood or vegetarian menus and also Asian style.

    You can reach me at indonesianinwinnipeg at gmail dot com . Thank you

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