Bay Area Vacation: Mexican Breakfast

We were not hungry at all but then since we’re in the San Jose Flea Market and there are plenty of Mexican food around, we decided to drop by one of the authentic Mexican places to try out their breakfast.


Ordering this was easy since the sign board is in English. If this had been in Spanish, we would have not even dared to attempt going in.


Seeing so many people who had soup, we ordered the same thing. This is called Menudo and is basically soup with beef tripes. It’s $3.19 and came with …


… two warm tortillas rolled in some aluminium foil paper. This is the best tasting tortillas I had ever tasted.


We looked around and followed how everyone else ate it. First, we rolled up the tortilla and then dunk it in the soup. Although the soup looked very spicy but we do find it a bit bland.


There is a small cup of spices we could add to the soup for that extra kick.


We also got ourselves a Spicy Buritos. It is prepared fresh and warm.


We like this one … just only $2.32.


Frankly, we know very little about Mexican food and can’t tell you much. Are there any good authentic Mexican restaurants in Vancouver you know of?

4 thoughts on “Bay Area Vacation: Mexican Breakfast

  1. I don’t know about Vancouver but if you’re ever across the border, there’s always Chihuahua’s in Ferndale, I hear they are pretty authentic and good…but I haven’t been there yet. I went to El Cazador in Bellingham, but they were bought out by someone else…their food was EXCELLENT. I also went to Mi Mexico in Bellingham, but it’s not quite as authentic as others.

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