Teahut Garden Cafe in Richmond

Updated on 12 April 2010: This restaurant has closed according to Urbanspoon.

This is another place that we had been to so long ago that I had no idea exactly how long ago it was. However, it know it is a weekend lunchtime. We had problems finding parking space along Alexandra Rd and the only reason we stopped by the Vanezia Place is because there were lots of parking.

We stumbled upon this place quite by accident. If not for the fact we drove upstairs to park, we would never have thought there is a small eatery there. It’s so small that it just had 8 small tables but with windows all round with a second floor view, this place must have been the only restaurant along Alexandra with that has a view. But what really drew us in is the prices of on their menu which was posted outside.

Dishes ranges from $5 to $7 while 10oz steaks range from $10 to $12. I think they have the cheapest food in all of Alexandra Rd.


It’s a Hongkong Style Cafe … all meals came with a choice of hot or cold beverages. If you opt for pop, there will be additional $1 charge. Strange. I thought that pops are dirt cheap and yet they charge extra *shrugs*. No problems for us because we simply love milk tea and the family does not fancy pops.


I ordered the Szechuan Seafood Udon in Spicy Soup which cost only $5.95. For that price, I am impressed that it came with a generous serving of mushroom, onion, green peppers, artificial crab meat, prawns, fish and squid. Despite the “spicy” name, it only had a teeny weeny hint of spiciness.


Suanne ordered their Thai Style Seafood Fried Rice which cost $6.95. Like my dish, this portion here is huge … and again with generous servings of prawns, squids, artificial crab meat, baby clams and pineapples. It was a bit too soggy I find. As expected it was sweet. I am not sure what makes Thai fried rice sweet … do you?


Arkensen ordered their Fish and Chips for $5.25. The fish portion is very small. It does not look really appetizing to me. Too dry looking, I guess.


They did not give us a bottle of ketchup … just a small dish.


Nanzaro ordered a Malaysian Style Fried Rice Noodle for $6.95. We had thought that it will look more like chay koay teow but it’s actually rice noodles fried in curry powder. The servings is so huge that Nanzaro could not finish it. It was not bad.


Total bill came to $30 including tips and taxes. What we like about this place is that it’s perhaps the cheapest place for a HK Style meal. If you are hungry, you will be delighted with their huge portions.

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  1. Jennifer

    I seriously need to make it over the border one of these days. That looks great. There aren’t very many good asian restaurants here in Bellingham. Well, there’s a LOT of Thai food for some reason, but their Chinese food is really lacking.

  2. Chubbypanda

    Pop is only dirt cheap if you have one of those fountains that mixes the soda water is syrup. With one of those things, a liter of pop costs a restaurant roughly 12 cents US. Since they charged you a dollar extra, the pop probably came from a can or bottle. Milk tea or coffee, which the restaurant makes themselves, costs the restaurant less than bottled pop.

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