Tasty Rice Noodles in Continental Plaza, Richmond

We went out for dinner on a Saturday evening, aiming for Lido but there was no parking available.


So, Ben drove over to Continental Plaza. Finding a parking here is more easy. We spotted a new restaurant taken over the Deer Garden spot. We decided to check it out.


I like the entrance way to the restaurant.


Ben ordered the pork bun with onion and fries.


The ratio of meat and bun seems to be a bit thin. However, Ben does like the bun because it has a crispy crust like a good baguette.


Ben loves to eat his fries with lots of ketchup. As you can see the earlier photo, it came with a small saucer of ketchup. When Ben asked for more, the server told him that when Ben finishes his saucer of ketchup, he will give him another serving. We find it weird. Most restaurant will bring a bottle of ketchup instead of serving it in a small saucer. So, Ben ended up with 3 saucers, asking for more when he finished what’s on his saucer.


Nanzaro ordered the Curry Beef with Rice. This Hong Kong style curry has a thick texture but not spicy hot. It has a good amount of beef slices.


A big serving of rice came with the curry dish.


I wanted something with bolder flavour. So, I ordered the Seafood and Mushroom Laksa Hotpot. It came with a variety of seafood and mushroom. However, the laksa broth was too weak for me.


The laksa hotpot came with rice and a side of cucumber and XO sauce. I had to ask for another serving of the XO sauce as the laksa broth was bland.


Ben and Nanzaro’s orders came with a drink. As usual, the cold version has $1 extra charge.


The food here is just decent.


Their specialty is actually the DIY Soup Noodle Combo, just like Deer Garden which we did not try.

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