Shallot Pork Sauce

On the last cooking meet at South Arm Community Kitchen in 2007, Julie demonstrated two Chinese dishes. The first one is a very traditional Taiwanese dish called Shallot Pork Sauce.


The Shallot Pork Sauce is very fragrant as it has lots of shallots in it. The shallots are first fried to crisp and braised with the ground pork.


This Shallot Pork Sauce is great with noodles or rice. Kids will love this.


  • lean ground pork
  • shallot (use about 10 to 12 shallots for each pound of ground meat)
  • dark soy sauce
  • salt to taste
  • sugar to taste
  • ground black pepper to taste
  • water


Click on the link below for the instructions.


Peel and thinly slice the shallots.

IMG_2413In a deep pot, heat oil for frying the shallots, about an inch deep of oil is needed. Test the hotness of the oil with a pair of wooden chopsticks, i.e. it’s hot enough when small bubbles rise as the chopsticks are dipped into the oil.
IMG_2415Fry the shallots in medium low heat so as not to burn the shallots.
IMG_2420When the shallots are golden brown and crisp, drain off the oil and set aside.
IMG_2421Use the same pot which is just coated with oil from frying the shallots (the oil should have been drained into another bowl), fry the ground pork until cook.
IMG_2425Add some dark soy sauce, a tablespoon or two to add colour to the pork.

Season with salt, sugar and black pepper to taste.

IMG_2426Add enough water to cover the pork, more if you like more sauce.
IMG_2428Add in the crisp shallots and let simmer on low heat for 30 to 45 minutes. You may add some finely chopped shiitake mushrooms (do not add too much as the mushroom flavour will overpowers the shallots’), pork balls or hard boiled eggs to simmer along.
IMG_2444We served the Shallot Pork Sauce with fresh made noodle.

Michael is working hard rolling out the dough for making the “man” made noodle.

IMG_2446Vanessa and others also help out in stretching out the cut noodles.

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  1. patty

    Oh nice, finally someone post up the meat sauce. couple tips:

    1. I would add chinese mushroom with the shallot to even add up the flavour

    2. add a bit of rice wine to stir fry the pork , it will take away those “meat” smell

    3. add star anise, peanut butter, and cinnamon (each of them for about 1 to 2 table spoon)

    try those, you will love it 🙂

  2. Dandel

    Hi Suanne,

    thanks so much for sharing this recipe. I made it tonight with star anise, peanut butter and cinnamon and loved the way they and the mushrooms perfumed the pork. The cinnamon complemented the star anise well and gave it a certain richness. It reminds me of “Jia Jiang” noodles. I love the effect of the peanut butter on the dish but wonder whether sesame seed paste would work better. I substituted the water with chicken stock because I had some lying around in the fridge from a previous cooking.

    Do you have any ideas as to what I should do with the oil that was poured out after it was used to deep fry the shallots?

    Thanks again,


    1. Suanne

      Hi Dandel, the shallot oil is good for cooking as it is very fragrant. You can also use it for making your own dry mixed noodle.

  3. GourmetBride

    I normally make mine with dried shitake mushroom and use chinese cooking wine for flavouring and less meaty smell. You can sub the pork with beef and use rice instead of noodles. And yes chicken stock as a previous posted stated does enhance flavours. I sorta cheat, I use store bought fried shallots just because it’s easier, I add them during the stewing process and top it off when it’s served. =)

  4. chinchyesek

    I would probably add sesame seed paste
    in preferance to peanut butter if adding anything in addition to the suggested additions.

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