Hong Kong Style Tang Yuan

Vanessa made some Hong Kong style Tang Yuan for dessert. It was a day just before Valentine’s Day. She is so thoughtful. Something sweet for your Valentines. The Hong Kong style Tang Yuan is different from the Taiwanese style in the soup. The Taiwanese Tang Yuan is flavoured with fermented glutinous rice and has egg flower in the soup while the Hong Kong style is flavoured with ginger and slab sugar.


I’m more used to the Hong Kong style Tang Yuan as it’s quite similar to the Malaysian style.


  • a package of glutinous rice flour
  • one or two tablespoons of rice flour
  • cold water
  • ginger
  • sugar slab
  • red bean paste


Click on the link below for the instructions.


IMG_3868Put almost the whole bag of glutinous rice flour into a large bowl. Leave a few tablespoons behind just in case the dough is too wet and need more flour. Add a tablespoon or two of rice flour as this will improve the texture of the Tang Yuan. Glutinous rice flour alone will yield a very soft Tang Yuan.Add cold water bit by bit while mixing with hand, until the dough comes together and have a soft texture.
IMG_3881To make it easier to roll the red bean paste into balls, place the red bean paste in the freezer for 30 minutes or so.Rolling the red bean paste into balls first will ease the process of wrapping the filing in the Tang Yuan.
IMG_3872Roll the glutinous rice dough into long strips. Divide the strip into small pieces.Slight roll the small piece into a ball and flatten it. Place the red bean paste in the center and gather the dough up to completely wrapped the filing and roll into a ball.You may substitute the red bean paste filing with small pieces of slab sugar or just leave it unfilled.
IMG_3880Repeat until all the Tang Yuan are formed.
IMG_3899Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add in a large piece of ginger for flavoring.Drop the Tang Yuan into the boiling water.
IMG_3907When the Tang Yuan float to the top, it is cooked.Vanessa added slab sugar into the pot to sweeten it. Serve warm. I remembered when we made Tang Yuan back home, we usually cooked the Tang Yuan and the syrup separately.Vanessa, thank you for sharing this sweet treat on the day before Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Lee Ping

    Good to know the difference between the different styles of Tang Yuan. I like them all.

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