Vietnamese Shrimp Roll

Zoe demonstrated how to make Vietnamese Shrimp Roll in the Caring Place Community Kitchen. This is a good demonstration as everyone get hands on making the rolls.


Vietnamese Spring Roll is a very healthy dish as it is made from fresh ingredients and no frying or what so ever.


  • Rice paper
  • Oriental style rice noodle (rice vermicelli)
  • Shrimp
  • Romaine hearts
  • Lemon/Lime
  • Fish sauce
  • Sugar
  • Sweet chili sauce


Click on the link below for the instructions.


IMG_3918Bring a big pot of water to a boil. Cook the vermicelli as per package instructions. Remove vermicelli and drain, set aside. You may toss the vermicelli with some sesame oil for flavour and also that the vermicelli wont clump together.
IMG_3919If you are using raw prawn, cook the prawn in the same pot of boiling water until the prawn turn pink and cooked. Drain and shell the prawn. Slice the prawn into halves and place the different half in two separate bowls.
IMG_3934Prepare more boiling water and place in a large pan or shallow dish. Dip the rice paper into the hot water until it’s pliable, one at a one.
IMG_3936Arrange 5 to 6 prawn halves with the outside (colored) face down and arrange them in the same direction. That’s the reason you separate them into two bowls when you cut them into halves.
IMG_3937Place a lettuce on top of the prawns.
IMG_3944Place some vermicelli on top of the lettuce. You may also add some herb like cilantro or mint or even some chopped peanuts.

Bring the rice paper up to wrap around the filings as tightly as you can.

IMG_3946Bring both sides in and continue to roll it into a tight bundle. Serve the roll with a sweet chili sauce made from sweet chili sauce, lemon/lime juice, sugar dissolved in some hot water and few drops of fish sauce.

Zoe, thank you for sharing this healthy appetizer.

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  1. lai01

    I LOVE Vietnamese shrimp rolls.

    When I make them , I also add some thai basil and mint to them.
    Shredded carrot and beanspouts gives it crunch.

    Another sauce that i like is peanut butter mixed with hoisin sauce and a little water.

  2. Norris

    Thanks for showing us how to make these. I’ve had your blog on rss for awhile now but found this link from google. Awesome website. Keep it up.

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