Trees Organic Coffee revisited

Polly and I revisited Trees Organic Coffee for their best cheesecake in Vancouver. It’s been more than a year since we visited Trees Organic Coffee, our first cake meet place.


Trees Organic Coffee is along the site of the Canada Line construction. The view from Trees Organic Coffee at the moment is not very nice. Nevertheless, the business is still pretty good when we were there.


Trees Organic Coffee is located just at the site where the 440 tonne tunnel-boring machine broke through into the construction site for the line’s Waterfront station. This finishes the second of side-by-side bored tunnels from just south of False Creek to just north of Pender Street on Granville.

Polly and I ordered two slices of cheesecakes and a piece of cinnamon bun to share.


This is a Banana White Chocolate cheesecake. The texture of this slice is fluffier than the second cheesecake we ordered. However, the banana is not as sweet as I expected. Perhaps, it’s not ripened enough.


The second slice is a Cherry Chocolate Cheesecake. This cheesecake is more dense. We can taste the tanginess of the cherry.


We thought of ordering something different for a change and got this cinnamon bun. It is not the type of fluffy cinnamon bun I like. This is a sticky bun with very dense bread and it’s too sweet and sticky.


Polly ordered a grand hot chocolate to enjoy with the cheesecakes.


I had a caramel latte which has a very nice coffee flavour.

The bill came up to $18.88 after a coupon of $5 from the entertainment book.

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  1. sandra

    I went there last week as well after reading your blog, and I used a coupon from their website which is a free tall latte with the purchase of cheesecake.
    by the way, have you tried Mcdonald’s new cinnamon melts? I like it a lot!

  2. Jennifer

    The desserts look heavenly but the coffee really has my eye! I just gave it up about 3 weeks ago and I miss it!

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