Mix the Bakery in Vancouver

Polly and I resume our cake meet after a couple of weeks break. This time we visited Mix the Bakery on 4430 West 10th Avenue. Mix the Bakery has about 6 to 7 small tables but very good traffic.


I had a list of places to visit which I had researched some time ago. Mix the Bakery is one of those with awards. Mix the Bakery had been awarded first place n the reader’s choice from 2004 to 2007.


Mix the Bakery has an open kitchen where customers can actually see the bakers at work. It seems that they are popular for their Artisan bread as we saw some ladies at the table next to us bought some bread for take away.


Other than Artisan bread, Mix the Bakery also has quite a good range of cakes, cookies, scones and sweet treats. Polly and I were so enthusiastic that we ordered four items this time.


This is a Key Lime Cake. It is lightly tangy and soft like custard.


Next we had this Lucia Cake which is a cake top and filled with almonds. The outside of this cake is crusty and has a strong flavour of almond. The cake slices were $4.95 each.


We also had a Baklava which is flaky on the outside and sweet and nutty inside. The Baklava costs $2.65.


The last piece is a Lemon Tartelette. It costs $3.65. We were already very full when it came to the last piece. We were able to slowly finished off the last piece as it is tangy and not too sweet. We told ourselves not to be too greedy next time.

The total bill came to $20.90 including drinks. This is certainly a place which we will come back again.

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  1. twistedsunshine

    I love reading about your cake meets! I like seeing the pics and reading about them. I hope read more of them soon! 😀

  2. Jessica

    I love reading about your cake meets too! The key lime pie looks so yummy!

    I tried the chocolate mouse cake at the Boathouse last night and it was so incredibly good. White and dark chocolate with thin layers of light white cake. Try it if you ever go there!

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