Chicco on Robson Street

Polly and I managed to get together once after the school reopened. Polly had to go to downtown Vancouver to run some errands. We took the opportunity to go for our cake meet in downtown Vancouver.


Polly suggested to try this place called Chicco at 1504 Robson St. She got a flyer from her previous visit to downtown and Chicco was on the flyer with a tagline which captured her attention. The tagline is “The one and only Japanese Dessert Cafe”.


We were rather surprised by this small cafe which has tables and chairs which looked so old fashion and worn out. Perhaps, the owner of this place likes antique.


We ordered two small latte which costs $2.95 each. Even the cups look antique.


We had two pieces of cakes to share. The first piece is a Japanese Soft Cheese Cake which costs $4. The cake is very light, unlike the dense cheese cake we usually have.


The next piece of cake is what they called Green Tea Cake. This slice costs $5.30. This Green Tea Cake has 2 layers of red bean icing in it. This cake reminded Polly of her favourite cake shop near her sister’s place back in Kuala Lumpur. She and her sister used to order a whole Green Tea Red Bean Cake and finished it all by themselves. This Green Tea Cake brought back good memories to Polly.

We found that the texture of the Green Tea Cake is rather rough to our liking. Chicco only accepts cash and they are close on Sunday.

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  1. KimHo

    Ben, Suanne,

    You beat me to this place!

    Either they did not have it that day or you completely missed it: they have a killer mascarpone with red beans dessert. Not sweet at all but great texture. OK, I have an excuse now!

  2. ET

    How did you like the place Suanne? I prefer the real deal when it comes to cheesecake, so I should confess that I haven’t quite “gotten” the Japanese version yet. Looking at the texture of that $4 piece, it doesn’t seem very different to the $7 – $8 slab that you can get at Osaka/T&T – does Chicco’s taste any different?

  3. Jen

    I keep hearing that Green Tea has been used in cake recipes and I have to wonder how they can incorporate it in. The baker in me is dying to try to make it when I find the time.

    I was recently at Cascade Pizza in Bellingham with my daughter and thought of you both. I am sorry I have not kept in touch but I hope you both are doing well!

  4. Ben

    Hi Jen:
    I had been following your site through your feed. We’re doing quite well, just had not had the time to visit Bellingham these few months.

  5. matcha lover

    this place has the 2nd best matcha lattes in vancouver – a true matcha flavour that’s not too sweet. topped with a latte art leaf pattern made with creamy milk foam – very beautiful to look at while you savour each sip.

    ps. a new dessert place you can try…butter baked goods on dunbar st.

  6. iPanda

    Have you tried their parfaits? They are really good! But the last time I dropped by they increased the prices quite a lot.

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