Nat’s Bistro & Convenience Store

Updated: 19th July 2011: This restaurant is closed according to

Updated: 6th Jan 2011: This restaurant is now called Bailey’s Bistro & Specialty Stores according to Urbanspoon.

Polly and I met up again for our ladies’ get together. We have change our cake meet day from Tuesday to Friday. This time we went to Nat’s Bistro & Convenience Store.


Nat’s Bistro & Convenience Store has opened only for about 3 months. I got to know of this place through an advertisement in the local papers they put up sometime in August when they newly opened. But, I did not get a chance to visit it until now.


Nat’s Bistro & Convenience Store is located at a small strip mall on Westminster Hwy between No. 1 & 2 Road. It is perhaps a new concept where they combine a bistro and convenience store in location.


The place is very clean and new. It has a siting capacity of 10 people. What I noticed is that there are 5 high definition televisions in the store. It might be a good place to go watch a hockey game with friends on game night. But the metal chairs are really not comfortable though, cold and hard.


As usual, we ordered a few items to share. The first piece is a Mango Raspberry Cheesecake. The mango and raspberry flavour came through very well on the cheesecake layer. However, the cake base is on the dry side.


The Chocolate Cheesecake is very creamy and the oreo base is thin and crisp. We like this piece better.


The last item we shared is a Steak and Onion Pie. The pie needs 10 minutes to be heated up.


The Steak and Onion Pie has lots of chunky beef in it. The crust is very flaky. This pie will definitely satisfy a beef lover.

All the food items above cost $4.25 each. We also had two regular coffees which cost $1.39 each. All in all, the bill came to $16.31.

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  1. dd myer

    Hmmm…it looks clean and roomy inside. The store front doesn’t attract business at all, the exterior doesn’t look like it is new and spacious inside. They should do something about it.

  2. Kathy Chow

    Hi there,

    I have been a regular reader of your blogs, since the restaurant is just up the corner so we went to Nat’s bistro this morning after reading your blog, I am happy that I went, and I will certainly go there again…especially the football games were on their hi-def tvs.

    My son, my friend and I enjoyed our late breakfast while watching the games. My friend Paul ordered their Weekender Belgian Waffle which is only $4.99. It is made from scratch topped with fresh real whipped cream. Paul Loves it! (well, he said it’s better than ones I made at home). My son had the Weekender French Toast, and wow! made with fresh baked bread and topped with cinnamon icing, it was delicious!

    Moi, I tried out their toasted sub! even though it’s just an 8 inch sub, but it sure is fresh and hearty, the buns looks like a tim horton style bun but fresher. I dig it.

    Anyways, overall i will give it a 2 thumbs up with the friendly staff, the delicious food and most importantly the hi-def tvs with the surround sounds! Honestly, I just find that they sure started the place with the community in mind. and as for the store front..yes, it does not looks as inviting as it is on the inside, however, i guess they cannot do much about it since they are not the owner of the building..but they added these 2 red chairs on the outside to help life the place up.

    ps…the place looks different to the pictures you took… the chalkboards are all done (full menu) with posters on the walls.. maybe picture update?

    pss…we are actually going back there tonight, apparently every sunday night is a movie night with free popcorn! haha! tonight, they are playing incredible hulk 2.

    Thanks Suanne for your blog! keep up the good work! its because of you, i had a good time at Nat’s.


  3. Suanne

    Hi Kathy, thank you for being a regular chowtimes reader and your sincere comment is very encouraging to me.

  4. LotusRapper

    Mmmm those look pretty good, esp. the meat & onion pie. Will try to remember to drop by if I’m ever in the area.

    Front of the restaurant/store needs some TLC, tho’ !

  5. Kathy Chow

    Hi Guys!!!

    Went to “Nat’s Bistro” again… but they have just changed their name to Bailey’s now!!! I didn’t ask them why..

    Anyways… they have expanded and there is a Sports Cafe right next to the bistro!!! It Is PRETTY DARN EXCITING for me! Where I live, there is nothing around like it, I tried their linguini..and its to die for.. the chef told me that, they make their own pasta.. I will say, it sure tasted fresh. I highly recommend it!

    I just want to give you guys an update, maybe you would like to drop by there again and try the other food and let me know what you think… oh.. and update some pictures too. the cafe side is very classy with lots of memorabilia. Even though I am not a sports person, but I am very impressed.

    Overall, I give a thumbs up, I had a great time there.

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