Diplomat Bakery on London Road, Richmond

It’s been a long while I have not been back to Diplomat Bakery. Polly and I met up for cake meet again after a long break at Diplomat Bakery which is one of our favourite place.


It was an exceptionally cold, wet and windy spring day. So, both of us had a bowl of hot soup. The small chicken gumbo was $2.99. It was filled with vegetables like tomatoes, onions and okra and had cubes of chicken with rice. It was slightly spicy and great for the cold weather.


Each of us also had a piece of Napolean as it is not sharable. It was very messy eating it as it crumbles and the cream and icing sugar gets all over your lips. But it’s a very┬áluscious┬ádessert. It is $2,75.


We also shared a Butter Croissant which is topped with sliced almonds and icing sugar. I think it was $2.99. The server offered to warm it up in the microwave for us.


The croissant was filled with a buttery filling which oozed out when cut into half. I guess that’s the effect of warming it up.


Lastly, we shared a slice of Mango Creme Cheese Cake. I can’t recall the price. The total bill came to just below $20. Diplomat Bakery only accepts Visa card and cash.

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