Schokolade Cafe on East Hasting, Vancouver

Polly and I went for a last cake meet just before the school closed for winter vacation. I suggested we go to Schokolade Cafe located at 2263 East Hastings St. I had marked this place down on my cake meet places to go since we went to Seri Malaysia which is just a block away from Schokolade Cafe.


Schokolade Cafe specializes on freshly made artisan chocolate truffles, fine pastries, cakes and real hot chocolate. All their chocolates are made with Swiss Lindt premium chocolates couvertures.


Schokolade also customs made all the fresh chocolate truffles for their VIP corporate clients and for any company special events. Polly and I were quite curious when we saw the Singopore Lion Head chocolates on display at the counter. Only later we were told by the owner that she is from Singapore and the cafe had just opened for 1 1/2 years.

This cafe is relatively small with only 3 small tables which seats 2 each and a few counter high chair seats.


Polly and I ordered their real hot chocolate drinks for a change. Polly opted for their Spicy ginger Oriental Express Hot Chocolate (left). We can pick either milk chocolate or dark chocolate and Polly opted for milk chocolate. The gingery permeated hot chocolate is great for a the cold weather. My Spicy Ancient Aztec Hot Chocolate with 70% Dark Chocolate is equally great with the spiciness from the chili powder. The medium drink cost $4.00 each.


We ordered their famous chocolate cake. The cake is about 2 inches tall and has 6 layers of cream fillings. This small slice of cake costs $3.95. It is a very rich cake.

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The next item we ordered is a Salmon Quiche. It is flavoured with dill and served warm as we chosed. This piece costs $3.95.


We also ordered a Walnut Tart for $3.50. This tart is not too sweet and filled with lots of walnut pieces and the pastry is flaky.


We ended up bringing this Florentine home as the cake is simply too rich and we simply cant take another bite of sweet stuff. This Florentine is layered with almonds and dried cranberries and raisins. It is actually very good as it is not densed but crunchy and light. This costs only $2.50.


We also brought home this two pieces of complementary truffles. The story is when I presented the coupon from their website, we were told that the coupon is not valid anymore and in place, they let us pick a truffle each. Well, they should have updated their website to prevent any more confusion in the future. Anyway, Polly had the coconut ginger truflle as she seemed to be obsessed with ginger lately. I had the Mango Jalapeno truffle which the spiciness did come through. The truffles were sold by weight and it’s approximately $1 per each truffle as we were told.

The bill came up to $23.00. If you are a chocolate lover, this is a place you should visit.

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  1. RobynT

    Oh, those hot chocolates especially sound great! The name of this place interests me as we have a store called Schakolad ( in Ann Arbor. I haven’t been, but heard it is fancy and expensive.

  2. cutemommy98


  3. KimHo

    Have you considered Thomas Haas (in North Van)? OK, it is a long drive from Richmond; however, Ironworkers Memorial is not that far from Schokolade.

    1. Suanne

      Hi KimHo, Thomas Haas is in our list of places to visit for a long time but we never get to cross another bridge to it.

  4. the cabin chef

    Very pleased to see new businesses open on this stretch of Hastings, so stopped in, but only once. Disappointing, prices are up there, but quality amateurish. Chk out Dutch Girl on Commercial @ Napier for better product.

  5. Japanese words

    That cake looks amazing. The coffee also looks really good.

  6. Jennifer Correa

    I’m looking for Sachertorte for a friend’s birthday tomorrow – any ideas?

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