La Casa Gelato at Vanables St, Vancouver

Did I mention that the day we went to Schololade Cafe was a really cold day with temperatures dipped down to -6C or below? You wont believe me if I tell you that on that frigid cold day, we went for ice-cream after the chocolate treat at Schololade Cafe.


Polly brought me to La Casa Gelato at 1033 Venables St, Vancouver. Polly came across this place when she had her Christmas dinner but she did not try it at the time as it was getting late and she was too full at the time.


La Casa Gelato claimed to be the only place in the world with 218 flavours. It was just mesmerizing coming into the display showrooms with so much flavours to choose from. The helpers behind the counters did not rush us as they know that all their customers need time to look at all the flavours before they can decide what to get.


After circulating two rounds, we still cant decide flavour to get. So, we approached the attendee for recommendation. Polly tried the papaya flavour and she liked it. A one scoop cone cost $4.00.


I opted for something sourish to couter the richness of the chocolate cake we had earlier. I picked the raspberry passion fruit flavour. I would have chosen something chocothy otherwise if I had not came from Schololade Cafe.


It was quite an experience eating ice-cream at subzero temperatures. The ice-cream would not even melt despite we took time to take a picture of the beautifully painted mural of La Casa’s parking lot.

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  1. Angie

    Wow! The gelato looks good. Wonder they have lemon or grapefruit flavors?

    1. Suanne

      Hi Angie, they do have lemon flavour because when I asked for something sourish, they let me try the lemon flavour. Not sure about grapefruit though.

  2. Victor

    That place does not have good gelato. Mondo’s Gelato is far superior to them. Trust me, La Casa’s only good until you try what good really is.

  3. monchichi

    Eating ice-cream when it’s cold is meant to warm you up. Is that true?

  4. I Love Food Blog

    I’ve heard lots of rave about this place. About how they have almost any flavor in the world i.e. ginger, wasabi, rice. I’ll have to try this out one day.

  5. Marike

    Did you try the Rice, Garlic, Blue Cheese and Pear, Chocolate Chili flavours? Those were the weirdest. Rice was horrible, but the other three were ok. Hehehe.

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