Cafe de Waraku in Richmond

It was one of the nights that Ben was craving for dessert and there being not many choices, we went to Excellence Tofu and Snacks at Hazelbridge.   I wish there are more dessert places in Richmond which serves hot dessert soups.  After dessert, we peeped into this new cafe beside the Excellence Tofu to look at the menu displayed outside the glass panels.  I did not pay much attention as my first glance is that this place serves Japanese style pasta.  But it was Nanzaro who pointed out to me that Cafe de Waraku also serves cheesecakes.


So, I brought Polly to Cafe de Waraku for our cake meet.  We were there just past 12:00 noon and the place is still pretty quiet.


We were told that the cafe has opened for about 5 months only.  It has simple decorations with a few colourful art pieces on the wall.  It is clean and neat.


We like their menu which has colourful pictures.  It makes selection much easier.  The menu highlights that their items has no msg added and low in sodium.  Good for those health conscious people.


Since it’s already noon, we ordered one of their lunch special pasta to try.   The pasta comes in three type of flavorings, i.e. Japanese stir fried in original flavour, in cream sauce and in tomato sauce.  We picked one in original flavour with eel and egg.  This costs $7.99.  The noodle is simple and tasty.  We totally enjoyed this pasta.


The lunch special comes with a free drink.   So, I opted for a coffee, thinking that it will be just dripped coffee.  To my surprise, the coffee is pretty good and it even has some crema on it.


Polly ordered a hot Lemon Tea since the weather is getting colder this days.  The Lemon Tea costs $2.00.


For dessert, we ordered the White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake.  It has an oreo base.  We liked the not so sweet dense cheesecake.  This slice costs $5.50.


We also ordered one of their special on that day which is Durian Cake.  Durian is something which either you like it or you hate it.  People who dont like it will normally say that it smells like cat pooh.  Is that true?  I have never had a cat before, so I dont know.

For me and Polly, the Durian Cake is nice.  The cream has a strong durian flavour and the cake is layered with real durian flesh.  This slice only costs $4.25. We like this place and we will be back again.

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