Go Fish at False Creek Fishermen’s Wharf Near Granville Island, Vancouver

The best fish and chips in Vancouver is not a a place where you would stumble upon despite its close proximity to the one of top tourist destination in Vancouver, Granville Island.


Even if you so happen to stumble upon it, you would probably not give this shack a second glance if not for the hordes of customers.

But believe it or not, this humble looking fish shack is started by no other than the same chef behind the Bin 941 Tapas Parlour. That alone explains pretty much the popularity of the food.


Besides the food, it also had a million dollar view of the False Creek. This is certainly a gem of a place.

It is the type of place where you would recommend to tourists and you can be quite sure that they will be impressed with it. Go Fish is so Vancouver — beautiful view and good fish.


Their prices are not too expensive considering that they include GST. Click on the image of the menu above to get a clearer view.


Their specials are shown on the chalkboard. We wanted to just order the Scallop Sandwich but they were JUST sold out.


You place your order at the side of the shack. There was not a line at all when we were there. We had expected a long line as that day was beautiful with the sun out. I guess it was because it was cold and windy that afternoon.

Even that, we were told that it will be 10 minutes for our order. One can just imagine how long the wait is on a busy day. They make the food only when you order it, even the fries, so that you get absolutely the best.


For fish and chips, they had cod, salmon or halibut. Too bad they don’t have a combo of all three. They only have it either-or.

We thought we try the more expensive halibut. It is $10 for a piece of the fish and fries. Interestingly, it is served in a Dim Sum bamboo basket. It is so practical.


The fish looked and smell great. It was piping hot too having just been taken out from the fryer. The menu mentioned that the batter is made with … Granville Beer but we can’t tell the difference.


The texture of the halibut is tougher and dense than what we expected from a fish. It does look like white chicken meat, doesn’t it?

The fish was pretty good and simply one of the better ones I had ever had. It is certainly better (and not mention much cheaper) than the ones I had in the oldest Fish & Chips restaurant in London called The Rock and Sole Plaice.


The fries were great too but served too hot. This is known as pommes frites if ordered alone but served with the fish it is called chips. Go figure. For a moment I was afraid they will serve me potato chips like Lays’.


We also got the Seared Tuna Tacones which was the Daily Feature on the chalkboard. This is $5 for one and $9 if you get two.


It is messy because the ponzu sauce drips the very moment we picked it up. While this tasted OK, we thought that there were hardly any fish in this to justify calling this a fish tacone. It would be better if this is called cabbage tacone.


We first wanted to get seated by the water but it was too cold and windy …


So we waited for a table in the shack where there was a heater. At this time of the year, this is the warmest place.


Go Fish is open year-round, even during Winter. I don’t know — I don’t think I would want to be eating fish and chips out in the cold and snow. Would you?
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It would be hard for most people to find Go Fish. Their address is 1505 West 1st Avenue but it is not a east-west West 1st Ave you would expect.


If you are driving, go ahead and drive right down the entrance to the False Creek Fishermen’s Wharf. Go Fish is located on the right at the end of the driveway. Be careful about parking here. There are limited number of parking spots clearly marked with the Go Fish logo.


For those of you walking from Granville Island, take a right at the entrance and walk along the seawall called Island Park Walk. It’s a nice short walk.


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  1. Eat. Travel. Eat!

    The dim sum basket is quite interesting! Would not expect it to be used for such purpose. Those fries look delicious along with the halibut. Such nice textures…and nice scenery to eat the food! I wish I could be here right now :).

  2. etranger

    Halibut is almost like chicken in texture (not quite). If you have a chance, try halibut cheeks. They are the best.

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