Boston Pizza on No. 3 Rd, Richmond

It was a Pro-D day. Arkensen had signed up for some floor hockey event in the South Arm Community Centre. It’s a 24 hockeyton and it’s a fund raising event for the Canuck Place. Arkensen has always been a hockey fan and it’s a good course. It costs each player $50 to participate in the event. Arkensen used his $30 collected from the Chinese New Year angpow money to pay for the game while I sponsored him the remaining $20. Each player is to play a shift of 4 hours. Arkensen shift was from 12 pm to 4pm.


That left me with Nanzaro to have a mother and son quality time together. We went to Boston Pizza on No. 3 Rd, next to the Lansdowne Mall to have lunch.


The reason we picked Boston Pizza was Nanzaro has a voucher from the Richmond Review, a local newspaper. The voucher expiring on the 28th Feb. Nanzaro is a carrier of Richmond Review, of course with his brother’s help and they shared the income. We encourage them to take up the job in order to cultivate a sense of responsibility in them. We wanted them to learn that when they have a job to do, they have to do it whether they like it or not.


We were there before 12pm and it was not that busy yet. The place gets busier during lunch hour where you’ll see more office workers come in for lunch.


This is what Nanzaro hates whenever he comes to western eateries like Boston Pizza. They always bring him a kids menu. Nanzaro refused to take a look inside the kids menu.


Nanzaro ordered a 10″ Szechuan Pizza to share with me. He picked this because there is a chili symbol beside the item which means it’s supposed to be hot and spicy. The 10″ pizza costs $16.59. The sauce is a little sweet and sour but not spicy at all. The pizza is topped with red peppers, chicken and green onions.


You’ll know it’s not spicy enough when you see Nanzaro top it with lots of chili flakes. That’s my boy. He just cant have a meal without chili.


This next item is my pick. It’s our dessert. It’s called Chocolate Explosion and it costs $6.99. It is not a very large piece but it is extremely rich that both of us find it hard to finish it off. This is how they describe the Chocolate Explosion on the menu: ultimate decadence, creamy chocolate mouse with chunks of cheese cake, caramel, toffee, pecans and almonds on a chocolate crust.

The total bill came to $14.76 after the discount.

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  1. raidar

    Not a huge fan of BP’s, but it’s hard to go wrong with a total cost of $15! That dessert does look good as well, with decent looking sized chunks of cheese cake.

    1. Jewels

      went to bp last nite for supper, hubby had pep pizza and I had the tuscan, both don’t get better than that. Shared the choc explosion dessert and now I must learn how to make it. We’ve been bp fans for years, never had a bad meal yet, good atmosphere, great service/meal everytime.

  2. I Love Food Blog

    That Chocolate Explosion looks really rich and filling!

    I’ll have to pay a visit to BP in the future. Pizza looks pretty good too.

  3. Paul

    Last time, BP had Thai-Chicken pizza which is now replaced with Szechuan pizza. Compared to szechuan pizza, thai-chicken pizza tastes much better. So, I miss thai-chicken pizza. However, when I went to BP in Kamloops – BC (near a Greyhound bus station) last year, I asked the waiter whether I could order Thai-Chicken pizza by combining a Szechuan pizza (without a szechuan sauce) and a sweet Thai-chili sauce coming from Thai Chicken Bites (note: Thai Chicken Bites is currently listed under the “Starters” menu and is tossed in the sweet Thai-chili sauce). Luckily, the waiter said “Yes” and charged me the same price as szechuan pizza. Great… and I am happy! But, I am not sure whether other BPs are willing to this.

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