Sushi Garden on Kingsway, Metrotown.

There are quite a number of sushi houses lining Kingsway near the Metrotown area like you won’t believe. Let me see those I can recall some of the popular ones at the top of my head … Oyama, Tomoya, Kura, Isami, Yako, Asakusa and of course …


… Sushi Garden. Among all the Sushi houses here, it appears that Sushi Garden is the most popular.


As popular as it is, I don’t normally go to Sushi even though it is a short walk from my office. The reason is the crowd. It is very busy during lunchtime. To get a table you are advised to get there at least 15 minutes before noon.

That was what I did. By noon, all the tables will have been taken. On the day I went to Sushi Garden it was also raining quite heavily and yet it was full at noon.

They are popular because of the value and their sushis are quite decent too. What sucks about Sushi Garden to me is their service. I understand that they are busy and the waitresses have their hands full keeping things together but they do have an aloof mannerism that it is bordering on rudeness … at least that is how I felt when I was there. Mind you, I was there so early and they had the time to properly serve me. Instead, they were standing by the bar chatting with the chefs. I had to signal them that I am ready to order (I had put my menu down for minutes already). It seems like my waitress was unhappy that I interrupted her chat!


I decided on the item that has the most variety of sushis (and also the most expensive). The Deluxe Assorted Sushi is $16 and consists of 10 different type of sushis. It also has a couple of small tuna and salmon rolls “on the side” so to speak.

One thing I noticed all the time is that they serves their sushis on wooden platforms. Never been to Japan before myself, I assume that it is … the traditional way that sushis are served.


As expected all the sushis were fresh and well made. I think the above is called the Ika Sushi which is basically squid. There is not a lot of taste to this but it is elegance and chewy texture that sets this apart.


The Hamachi Sushi has a somewhat buttery flavor and smooth texture. This is often the third most popular sushis after salmon and tuna.


I don’t see a lot of Ameabi Sushi around. It is also known as Sweet Shrimp. The meat is a bit translucent which is an indication of freshness.

Overall, the Sushi Garden serves very decent sushis but is value for money. My greatest beef with them is the service. I don’t mind the line ups as I can always plan around that.

Sitting just next to the sushi bar, I noticed that they make a heck lot of sushis to go. I guess that one way around the poor service and long lines.


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  1. Eat. Travel. Eat!

    Looks like a good deal for the price! The ameabi sushi looks interesting as it looks like there are 3? shrimp on each piece of sushi.

    Is it just me or or anybody else? Even if I allow all the scripts running on the site the chowtimes logo is not where it used to be. There is text, which is what ever the entry to the first post on the page is, that is behind the chowtimes logo which is barely readable. In this case the first two lines of this post are covered by the logo.

    1. Ben

      Hi Eat-Travel-Eat:
      Can you tell me what browser & version you are using? Also, what OS you are using too?

  2. Jo

    This place is a favourite with our family, as we live around the Metrotown area. We found that sometimes the rice was quite dry. How did you find it Ben? I remember also that before the reno, the place was only 1/2 the size and lines would go way past out the door. Right around the corner on McKay and Kingsway is Isami Sushi, tucked in beside the tae kwon do school is also very good but a bit more expensive.

    1. Ben

      Hi Jo:
      I like Sushi Garden and do bring friends and colleagues to them often when we wanted plain straightforward sushis. I had been to Isami before too but it was sometime ago. They are so hidden that I often forget they are there. You know, one of those out of sight, out of mind thing.

  3. deeta

    I love this place. They’ve got a great Spicy Salmon Sashimi and the customized rolls are awesome as well with very affordable prices. One of my favourite appetizer is the creamy potato croquette. Yum! Now I’m craving it!

  4. Joyce

    I agree with what you’ve said. The sushi is pretty good but the service sucks. I usually go for the takeout to avoid the lines and the service.

    They just opened another Sushi Garden near Brentwood Mall. Have you tried it yet?

    1. Eunice

      It opened a week ago & it’s already packed ALL THE TIME. I tried it twice over the weekend and I was blown away. Huge high-quality portions for the price. Moved into the Brentwood area about a year ago & have had no joy from the sushi places in the ‘hood. I now have my favourite neighbourhood sushi joint!!

  5. Honest customer

    WORST SERVICE !!!!!!

    What you pay will be what you get —

    Food is ok and inexpensive but you will get the worst service.

    Trust me, the service in this restaurant is the worst one in town, the sexy Japanese waitress will treat you like dogs and totally out of respect.

    Don’t ever try go there unless you believe you have the best temper on earth or in the best mood of your life that day, otherwise, you will be driven crazy by those sexy Japanese ladies.

    1. Joanne

      I agree with you. I just want to point out one thing.
      The servers are KOREAN.
      I never expect korean to have good service though.. but they are the worst ever.

  6. Abby Liu

    This place is my favourite sushi restaurant! I usually order take-out to avoid the long lines and bad service but the sushi is the best!

    1. Ben

      Hi Abby: Sushi Garden is a mad house everyday. I work nearby and I avoid eating there because it is always packed. The only time when it is pleasant to eat there is about 11AM when they just open for business. Have you ever notice how many take out boxes they prepare everyday? I always see at least 20 boxes at any one time ready for pickup by the customer. Ben

  7. Richard

    Looks like it is just another of those mass production sushi places.

  8. CN

    This Sushi Garden at Kingsway is still the worst Sushi Garden in Vancouver. I have been going there occasionally in the last few years to see if they would improve but I was always disappointed. Service is the worst, food is the second worst. The attitude from the waitress made me feel like I was there to bet for food! Come on, I went there to spend MY MONEY, not asking for free food! Why the service can be so bad! I really have no idea why this location is still full of people. Perhaps they do not care about service and food quality?

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