Trans-Herbe’s Four O’Clock Tea

ChowtimesNoWord32x32Full Disclosure:
This post is written based on the free samples provided by Trans-Herbe.

Commercial break of sorts, guy. And no, we are not paid for this post.

I was trying to understand the finer points of tea a few months ago. I was really focusing on Chinese tea and went out to buy some fancy thingy to brew Chinese tea. When Trans-Herbe wrote us an email asking if we wanted to try some samples, I said yes. I was rather intrigued with their unique tea.


The tea came in a few very nice sounding names … particularly the Earl Grey Chocolate Berry and Apricot Passion Fruit Rooibos. You see, Trans-Herbes specializes in formulating and conditioning herbal and flavoured tea. They are based in Quebec and so they are local.

From their website (here), they do carry a LOT of products that they make. I wish they had sent us the full range of 50 different types of tea. Some of them have very intriguing names … to name just a few:

  • Tropical Mango Green Tea
  • Cucumber and Lemongrass Green Tea
  • Apple Caramel Spice Black Tea
  • Energie Acai Super Berry
  • Chamomille Citrus
  • Lime Ginger Mint Herbal Tea
  • Licorice Spice Herbal Tea
  • Ginko Ginger Herbal Tea
  • Lychee Ginger White tea


Each box carries … 15 sachets of individually packed tea.

Besides very unique tea blends, there is not bad stuff that you can pin on them. Their tea are kosher certified and organic products. They are fair-trade certified.

They are definitely trendy.


The tea leaves are packed in pyramidal bag. I thought it was fancy and a great idea because you get to see what the blends are and also be able to smell it more clearly.


How is that for photography? LOL! I just used a white cardboard from the dollar store and took these pictures next to the window. It is still kind of dark looking isn’t it? I just don’t know how to fiddle around with Photoshop’s Levels, Contrast, Lightnings and such without ruining the image. So I normally let it be.


Anyway, the tea are excellent.

I like the Lime Ginger Mint Herbal tea the most. This one is like the herbal tea version of the Mojito! It has that fresh taste of mint with a little hint of ginger and citrus. You gotta to really taste it to know what I mean.

The other one we find very interesting is the Earl Grey Chocolate Berry. Our first reaction is … ewww … chocolate with tea? What an awful idea. But it turned to be a mesmerizing and decadent brew.

Our fav remains the Lime Ginger Mint.

I tried to get samples for you all to try too but too bad that Trans-Herbe does not do coupons at this time. Their products are available in BC from places like Capers and a lot of other high-end stores.


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  1. kaye i

    Nice pictures! The packaging does look very trendy. I’m intrigued with the Earl Grey chocolate berry tea… it sounds good. But my fave tea will forever be the genmaicha tea though… and recently, I’m loving the corn tea from korean restaurants.

    Have you tried having high tea at Fairmont Hotel? Aaah, so good! Loved their Maple Maple tea. Kind of expensive but worth it! I died, went to heaven and back when I had the first bite of their house raisin scones. LOL.

  2. Shirl

    The pyramid tea bag also allows for better water flow so all the leaves are brewed properly. You also don’t get that bitter after taste from the paper filter. Try just brewing a paper filter and see how much it does add to your tea in taste. You just don’t know it!

  3. RobynT

    I recently tried chocolate tea from Lupicia. Very good. I’ve also had the Harney and Sons Chocolate Mint; I like that one too. But then I’m definitely not a tea purist and I like weird things.

  4. Eve

    I’ve tried the lychee ginger white tea and that’s my favorite one! It’s delicious on a cold day! It’s available at urban fare and whole foods, but only a few selections.

    I’ve yet to try the lime ginger mint, does it have a strong minty taste?

    1. Ben

      Hi Eve: Yeah, the Lime Ginger Mint does had a distinctive minty taste which is what makes it unique. Ben

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