BG Urban Cafe at International Place, Richmond

Polly and I met again for our ladies’ get together. This time we went to BG Urban Cafe in Richmond at the International Place. Bread Garden re-branded their franchise recently.


This BG Urban Cafe is located in an industrial area. It caters for the surrounding office workers.


I have not been to Bread Garden before. So, I’m not sure if there is a change to the menu with this new re-branding. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


This location is surprisingly large. It is pretty busy too. It is equipped with wifi as I saw one of the customer using a notebook in the cafe. There is also seating outside with the better weather now. This place opens really early around 6:30AM and closes at 5:00PM, just to cater for the workers around this industrial park.


The first item we picked is the above Cinnamon Knots with Coffee for $3.49. The coffee is strong as I like it. The cinnamon knots is light and fluffy and laden with sticky sweetness and walnuts. It does look very sweet but… it is just the right sweetness. We like this a lot.


Polly ordered the Rooibos Tea Latte for about $3.50. I cant recall what size is this. This is a caffeine free tea latte. Polly commented that it had a unique flavour. Ben had blogged about this tea here.


We had a Chickpea Meditteranean Salad to share. It is slightly tangy and quite appetizing. This salad has olives, red and green peppers, perhaps some artichoke and some herbs. The above is $2.99.


We also had an Omelette & Cheddar Croissant to share. It is $3.99. The croissant does not look like a croissant anymore after being grilled. Beyond the looks, it is quite nice as it’s served warm.


We got the above Bagel with Omelette, Ham & Cheese for free as there are some coupons on the brochure. The coupon has an expiry date on 15th June 2011. The multigrain bagel is pretty good with a thick slice of melted cheese.

The total bill came to $15.20 and BG Urban Cafe accepts credit card.

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Monday to Friday: 6:30AM to 5:00PM

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  1. LotusRapper

    The Bread Garden, oops I meant BG Urban Cafe, always had great cinnamon buns !!

    1. Jayda

      I think I lived on them when I was a student at UBC. I liked them better than the famous UBC Cinnamon Bun … although the UBC version was a super deal as it was big enough to be a meal.

      1. LotusRapper

        Oh the UBC CB’s ! They were a brekkie staple of mine, as I savour them in the backrows of lecture halls 🙂

        A grad student I knew in those days (’80s) in my dept *did* live on them literally, I’d see him with two or three per day with lots of coffee.

        1. Jayda

          lol…. that’s so true! I studied Nutritional Sciences when I was there and was surprised how many of my fellow students inhaled these for lunch…… I guess as a student you are more interested in saving money than in ‘practicing what you preach’. There are much more options at UBC than when you and I went to school there….. there was a Bread Garden though (in the Forestry Bldg) where I used to hang out, but I think it’s long gone now….. too bad since it was a great place to grab a hot drink and a muffin/cinnamon bun.

          1. Marike

            Hey Jayda,
            You were a fellow FNH student?!

            I love the cinnamon buns too. And the occasional Blue Chip cookie and pizza slice from Pi-R-squared in the SUB…

            …and the noodle/rice wraps at The Delly and lemon square from the Pit…I could go on, but I’m getting hungry 😉

          2. LotusRapper

            Lemon square from The Pit ? Whoa, you guys are a generation behind me (and healthier for it !!). In my days, The Pit was known for barely edible foods. Ask anyone over [cough] 40 what the Pit Burger was like, they’d likely wince and give you an ugly expression, lol !

          3. mo

            If you haven’t been to the SUB in the past 10 years, then you should visit…! The pit’s still around, but the Sub Arcade is no more, it’s now a sushi joint… BMO is gone, just meeting rooms or something and part of the Pit became a Chinese greasy food joint!

          4. Marike

            The greasy chinese food joint is called the Moon or something. The Pit had Bread Garden type of pre-cooked casseroles and salads they scoop and serve too.

            I haven’t been back in 5+ years so there’s probably better stuff now, even in the Village I hear.

          5. Jayda

            Oh I used to be so happy when Pie R Squared had the baked potato pizza … that was my ultimate favorite…. so much so I used to make it at home since it wasn’t available that often when I went to grab a slice. And the white chocolate macadamia nut cookies from Blue Chip were so good. I haven’t tried the others things you list, but now I wish I had! Darn, I hate wasted opportunities…. I know UBC has many many more options now, but I remember being pretty happy with UBC food services when I went there….. at least the cinnamon buns were excellent!

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