Chef Tony in Richmond

There is a new dim sum restaurant on the previous King Buffet location. It is very rare for a Chinese restaurant to be named after it’s chef; Chef Tony is the name of the restaurant.


We came on a Sunday morning. We arrived at 11:45AM and was told the wait will be 30 minutes since we did not have a reservation.


The decoration of Chef Tony is modern and the paint work is very shiny, not typical of dim sum restaurant. Do not be misled by these empty waiting seats. They were occupied most of the time.


The entrance is decorated with photos of Chef Tony with some celebrities, I presumed.


We waited for almost an hour before we got our table. So, reservation is highly recommended if you decided to give this restaurant a try.


The charge for tea is $2 per person is a little steep. We had Chrysanthemum tea.


We spent our waiting time browsing through the menu which has lots of pictures. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


We ordered 6 items to share but when one of the item was missing. We just let it go.


Fried Glutinous Rice with mushroom and Chinese sausage from the chef choices. The rice was al-dante as it should be but the serving is small for $8.95.


Nanzaro asked for chili sauce. It is the vinegarish type of chili sauce.


The above is “Chan Chuen Fern” with meat and garlic sauce. This is a large dim sum for $5.75.


This is another item from the chef choices, Chinese donut stuffed with shrimp paste. This is $9.95; pricey in my opinion. the Chinese donut is fried to crispy.


Arkensen wanted the Shrimp and Yellow Chives Rice Roll as the picture in the menu looks good. This is a large dim sum item for $5.75. Again, the serving is very small; just compare it with the saucer of sweet soy sauce that came with it.


The last item is Shrimp and Matsutake Dumpling; also a large dim sum for $5.75. The dumpling was soft and broken up when we picked it up with chopsticks.


Chef Tony accepts credit card. It is on the pricey side but service is prompt like clearing the empty plates.

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  1. Anton Heggen

    the Chinese donuts seem so be stuffed with chopped up shrimps. Not shrimp past as posted.

  2. Hm

    They had really good specialty dishes during grand opening such as ginger scallion geoduck sashimi
    with abalone, Iberico jamon, etc, etc……Good place to eat but abit pricy.

  3. Sara

    Wow delicious looking but the prices scare me. Such small portions especially that rice dish you ordered. I guess you wouldn’t recommend it?

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