Pho 78 Vietnamese Restaurant on No. 3 Road, Richmond

I was craving for Vietnamese dry mix noodles with lots of shallots and sweetish soy sauce. So, I got the boys to agree to go to Pho Lan for lunch. However, I’m not sure if Pho Lan has that dish or not. Anyone has suggestion of where can I this the dish?

Anyway, when we arrived at Pho Lan’s parking lot, it was full. So, we tried to park at the Richmond Center parking lot and walk over. Just becareful not to be caught doing that. Unfortunately, the parking lot is full too despite it’s size. So, I have no choice to find another Vietnamese restaurant.


Since I have some errand to run at the Real Canadian Superstore, I suggested to go to Pho 78 which we have never try before. Pho 78 took over the location of May Vietnamese Cuisine last year.


Pho 78 Vietnamese has simple but elegant decoration.


Chinese tea is served like most Vietnamese restaurants.


The prices are very reasonable. Small noodle soup is $6.25 while the large bowl is $6.95. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


Arkensen ordered the brisket, flank, tendon, fatty flank, tripe with rice noodles. The soup is served piping hot which is a good thing.  The large bowl is … much smaller than Pho Lan’s large bowl which now costs $8.50.


The noodle soup comes with the usual bean sprouts, basil, lime and jalapeno. The bean sprouts are served raw.


Nanzaro ordered the everything noodle soup which has rare beef, flank, tendon, tripe, beef ball and fatty flank with rice noodle. Actually Arkensen had picked the above in the first place. But Nanzaro insisted to have this because he wanted the beef ball. So, mum have to be the middle man to get Arkensen to pick another order which he agreed after some arguments that Nanzaro always ordered the same thing he orders. Do you encounter such siblings rivalry?


I ordered the Bun Bo Hue for $7.25. This hot spicy noodle dish comes with beef shank, beef flank, pork ham and pork feet. I’m not a fan of pork feet and asked to exclude that. I was quite surprise with the amount of ingredients in it. I like that they do not load the bowl with the noodles. This is just the perfect size for me.


The Bun Bo Hue is not as spicy as I wanted though. But a couple teaspoons of the chili condiment will do the trick.


The above was the leftover at the end of the meal. Guess which bowl is Arkensen’s and which is Nanzaro’s?


Pho 78 Vietnamese accepts credit cards.


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  1. akwok

    My favourite Pho place in Richmond! Thanks for checking it out 🙂

  2. WS

    That chili condiment you put on the Bun Bo Hue, was that already on the table, before you ordered the dish?

    1. Suanne

      Hi WS, yes such chili condiment is very common found on the table in Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants.

  3. WS

    At my favourite Vietnamese restaurant for Bun Bo Hue, they usually only bring me their home made chili condiment, when I order their Bun Bo Hue(so I can spice my Bun Bo Hue to the level I want).

  4. cmee8

    Hi Suanne,
    Thanks for the review. Have passed it n will now give it a try. My go-to Viet place in Rmd for “gon lo mein” is Thai Son.

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